VeloVoices Advent Calendar 2: Head to head

Today’s Advent Calendar photograph comes to you courtesy of Wei Yuet Wong. I love that Wei Yuet has a broad range of cycling photographs – women’s races, cyclocross, the races in the Far East, as well as bringing his unique eye to the more iconic races in the World Tour calendar. 

The picture : Cant and Prevot

CX World Championships Tabor: Sanne Cant and Pauline Ferrand Prevot. For a cyclocross race, all we ask for is snow, frozen course, mud, and crazy fans. As always, thanks to the women for making such a fantastic race for all!

Wei Yuet 1

Wei Yuet’s 2015:

When looking back at 2015, it’s easy for me to just remember all the low points. Coming off a relatively good 2014, I didn’t start the year feeling so up to par. I had some low emotions, though they were manageable. But, I guess I was getting careless at times and not very focused. The lowest was having all my things stolen after Stage 13 of the Giro d’Italia. I lost everything, except the things I had on my back. It was an quite an insight to see how few things I really needed to survive on everyday. Those months after the Giro were the lowest. I missed Le Tour, the Worlds, the autumn classics. But I did make it to the SEA Games (Southeast Asian Games) and made my first contributions to the Dutch publication, Soigneur.

“Throughout the low times, I’d received many words of encouragement from many people, and they all had a common theme: accept what I had lost, and move on. It was a good lesson for me – letting go of things that I have lost, and letting go of things that I don’t need.

“Since the Giro, my first race back was the 2015 Japan Cup. Being out for so long, I’d started to doubt if I could still get back to the pictures like before. However, I felt really good to be back at the races, and fell in love with the sport again. Thanks everyone for all your encouragement! Thanks very much to the folks at Velovoices for inviting me to be part of this Christmas posting, along with some of my other cycling photography heroes!” [We couldn’t be happier that you were so generous with your work and with your thoughts, Wei Yuet! – Kitty]

“Next year, I would like to continue honing my eye, and my skill for making pictures. I would love to explore other disciplines of cycling – track, CX, mtb, local races. Through my pictures, I want to continue to bring joy and happiness to others.”

Follow Wei Yuet on Twitter, Instagram and visit his website. See all the features we’ve done with Wei Yuet over the past year or so here

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