Cannondale-Garmin: Carry On Training

Is it just us or are initial team camps taking place earlier in the off-season? This week, Cannondale-Garmin’s Argyle-clad riders have been larking about in Aspen, Colorado. 

This team certainly picks some great spots for their initial get-togethers – if you remember, last year’s team camp was in the British Virgin Isles.

As well as covering the more typical aspects of a team camp of bike and kit fittings and promotional photos, the boys got to know one another.

The riders all tried their hands at a spot of cooking when they weren’t out mountain biking and hiking (the latter turned into sledging as snow started to fall).

And of course, they were tweeting up a storm the whole week.

Screen shot 2015-10-25 at 11.32.33

The US riders also took it upon themselves to teach the Italians in the finer points of American football.

One note of concern: it may have been all too much for new boy Rigoberto Uran as he seemed to have gotten lost.

Well, JV, have you tried looking for Rigo, on his own, in the lounge at the nearest airport?

We have to conclude it looked a blast and will no doubt have helped with that all-important team spirit.

Screen shot 2015-10-25 at 11.34.33

For more behind-the-scenes photos, go to Cannondale’s website for these photo galleries.

Header image: Little Nell Hotel, Aspen

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