Worlds Tweets of the Week: Second to none

The name Libby Hill might very well become part of cycling legend – it was a great Worlds in Richmond and Twitter was there! I’ve sifted through the debris after the crowds left and have all the goodies. We have Robocop Kiryienka, That Boy Phinney, #KwiatKrush, Lizzie Armitstead  and, of course, the Velvet Samurai himself, Peter Sagan – plus plenty of fan interaction!  

Leading all the way

It was the trade team time trial (try saying that three times fast after a strong whisky sour) and BMC were defending champions. And they defended so successfully they all fell to the ground.




It was a bit of a shock that Tony Martin didn’t storm the course and take his fourth ITT gold but it was not to be. It was, in fact, Belarus’s Vasil Kiryienka who went out fast and just stayed fast the whole course.  He seems to have learned the ‘basking shark breathing technique’ from Tony though.

ITT Kiry action

Second was Italy’s Adriano Malori.

ITT Malori

And third was France’s Jerome Coppel with the best national kit ever.

ITT Coppel

Tom Dumoulin, who was third last year, put in a lot of effort but could only manage fifth. The welding goggles must have given him too much drag.

ITT Dumoulin

And here’s the ITT podium … see what I mean about the French kit?

ITT podium 1

In the lookie-likie stakes, we have a new contender for Kiry!

ITT podium smile ITT podium flag 2 ITT podium flag

The Belarus flag caught Peter Flax’s attention.

G flags 1 G flags 2

And Rohan Dennis – who apparently is prone to enraged bike throwing (I did not know that before this week) – was notable in keeping his cool in this race.

ITT Dennis calm

Worlds pics 11

One stripey jersey …

In the women’s elite road race, it was a dream come true for British rider Lizzie Armitstead, who took a tight bunch sprint to the delight of everyone. One stripey jersey comin’ up!

Armitstead 6 Armitstead 7

Two things about tweet from Business Insider. First of all, it reads like a headline writer who just puts holding copy in while they figure out what to write and then forgot about it. Second of all, we’ve all seen men coming over the line for a big win in tears, but we’ve never see a headline like that. Third of all – three, three things about this tweet – third is if that’s the sort of detached, off the cuff, ‘can’t think of anything better to say’ tweet you’re going to do, just don’t tweet it. Simples.

Armitstead 1

Armitstead 4 Armitstead 5

Armitstead 9 Armitstead 10 Armitstead podium 2 Armitstead podium

And the question of the day:

RR women 1

Second to none

It was a long race. It was hard fought. It was a glorious finish. As it should be for the world championships.

RR action 10 RR action 7 RR action 9 RR action 5

Even Tyler Farrar got into the action! Who woulda thunk it?

RR action 6

Then this happened.

RR action 1 RR action 3

Sagan finish 2

I can see Business Insider’s headline now: 25-year-old Slovakian wins world championships, bursts into tears.

Sagan finish 1b Sagan finish 1

Sagan respect 18

Sagan respect 23

One of the best things about Sagan’s win was the reaction from the rest of the peloton.

Sagan respect 10 Sagan respect 1 Sagan respect 1a Sagan respect 1ca Sagan respect 3 Sagan respect 5 Sagan respect 6 Sagan respect 7 Sagan respect 8 Sagan respect 9

Screen shot 2015-09-29 at 10.16.59

Sagan respect 21 Sagan respect 20 Sagan respect 19

Sagan respect 17 Sagan respect 15 Sagan respect 13 Sagan respect 11

Sagan respect 24 Sagan respect 22

Speaking of the rainbow curse:

Sagan curse 1 Sagan curse 2

A thoughtful, heartfelt speech at the end and pure joy on the podium. Shame it wasn’t outside for all the fans to cheer him as he donned the rainbow jersey. It’s a victory that was meant to be shared.

Sagan podium 2 Sagan podium 7 Sagan podium 4 Sagan podium 5 Sagan podium 8

A few more reactions

Sagan others 1

Sagan others 2 Sagan others 3

Another headline to contemplate. I notice they didn’t mention tears from the great guy from Zilina.

Sagan others 4

It’s a hair thing.

Sagan young Sagan young 2

Second can be a very sad place sometimes. But I’m sure once the pain goes away, Bling will be proud of his achievement.

Worlds pics 14

And I’m sure Navardauskas is nothing but thrilled.

RR podium Navardauskas

Worlds round-up

A few great pictures, a few more little tweets…

Worlds pics 13 Worlds pics 10 Worlds pics 9 Worlds pics 8 Worlds pics 7 Worlds pic 9 Worlds pic 6 Worlds pic 5 Worlds pic 4 Worlds pic 3 Worlds pic 2 Worlds pic 1

Mads Wurtz knew what he was capable of.

Worlds Mad 1

Worlds mad 2 Worlds future G Worlds 1

Luke’s Adventures in Richmond

One of our favourite tweeps is definitely Luke Allingham and he was one of the many fans who made it to Richmond and found time to tweet about it!

Luke 5 Luke 3 Luke 2 Luke 1

The gruppetto

Tweets I couldn’t bear to leave out.

Ride the Revolution, @festinagirl’s book about women in cycling, will be published on 22 October. Full disclosure: I was lucky enough to interview Ashley Gruber for the book. Bloomsbury’s taking pre-orders!

G Revolution

Cadel Evans gets to the heart of David Millar‘s crash faux pas.

G Millar arm

Transfers this season were a bit bonkers in a lot of ways. Unabashed maverick Landa going to Sky was just one of them.

G Landa 1

“And remember, if you don’t have your entry bracelet on, you will not get back into the grounds. I repeat, keep your entry bracelet ON at all times. Now for some safety announcements …”

G Cookson rally

Kris Boeckmans finally left the hospital after his horrific crash in the Vuelta. Excellent news.

G Boecks 5 G Boecks 1

“Pontiff steals thunder shocker”

G Haas pope

Mavis Evans was another of our tweeps who was in Richmond – Andre Greipel wished her a happy birthday and Adam Hansen kept her company at the airport. (Okay, the last one might be stretching the point a bit)

G Greipel 2

G Hansen 2

Speaking of Adam – he’s finally taking a well-deserved break.

G Hansen season

Lord Hoy knows what’s important when it comes to recovery.

G Hoy recovery

Wouldn’t be Tweets without Pippo showing some skin.

G Pippo

The last word

last word 2

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