World Championships: Greig Leach street art

With the help of countless volunteers, Greig Leach has reproduced some of his paintings from “The Art of Cycling” on a brick wall in the Oregon Hill neighbourhood along Belvidere Street.

Greig Mural 1 greig Mural 3 Greig Mural 4 Greig Mural 5 Greig Mural 6 Greig Mural 7 Greig Mural 8 Greig Mural 9 Greig Mural 10

During the World Championships, Greig Leach will be painting each of the races live. Catch him in action every day in the Fanfest at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, where you’ll be able to purchase both the original artwork and prints.

Links: Official website

All photographs courtesy of Bobby Weitzel

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