Vuelta a Espana: It’s gonna get spicy!

The Vuelta a Espana, the third and final grand tour of the season, starts in the glamourous resort of Puerto Banus on Saturday, so here are a few videos to get us in the mood for what’s sure to be a rip-roaring competition. Kick back, pour yourself a glass of vino or prise the cap off a bottle of cerveza and enjoy!

A beginner’s guide to the Vuelta a Espana from CyclingNews.

The Vuelta parcours from CiclismoProTour.

A more detailed explanation of the Vuelta parcours. It’s in French but readily understandable, courtesy of  Night-2012 Cyclisme.

Finally, from our friends at GCN, a look at the contenders.

Header image:  Puerto Banus, Marbella from Wikipedia 

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