Tweets of the Week: Ouija boards, antlers and a Giant wedding

After last week’s celebration of all things Phinney, Tweets of the Week is back to its usual format. We have a few podium presentations, some antler hats, Vuelta predictions, a wedding that had all of Girona dancing in the streets and some Tour of Utah action.

We’ve only just begun …

One of the happiest events of the past week has to be the wedding of Koen de Kort and Kaitlin Bell. I was lucky enough to meet both of them at the Giro a few years ago and they are lovely, friendly people. Their wedding looked amazing – with dancing in the streets of Girona. Everyone at VeloVoices Towers wishes them a long and happy life together.

Koen 1 Koen 2 Koen 3a Koen 3 Koen 4 Koen 5

Buckets and bees

Tour of Poland always has a little surprise in store for us – I seem to remember a good few years ago, Jens Voigt won a teddy bear the size of a mini-van. Well, Sergio Henao gets gifts that just keep on giving for his victory in stage 6. I’m most curious about that flattened frog/turtle thing.

I truly hope with all my heart that Sergio wears that bucket hat around his house of an evening paired with a paisley smoking jacket and carrying a jaunty pipe (just for effect).

Poland podium 1 Poland podium 2

Thinking the Pologne Bee is second only to the Giro’s Lupo Wolfie, with its cheerful little face. From the attention which Maciej Bodnar seems to be giving him, a good conversationalist as well!

Poland podium bee 1 Poland podium 3

While we’re on the subject of mascots, Utah had a giant roadside chicken (or maybe it’s Big Bird…). I absolutely love that someone said to themselves at some point in the last month, ‘Hmmm, I’m going to the Tour of Utah and I think I’m going to dress up as a big chicken/Big Bird. Yes. That is what I shall do.’ That said, we wouldn’t be talking about this person if they hadn’t so they were totally right about the costume.

Utah Roadside chicken 1 Utah Roadside chicken 2

And while we’re kind of loosely still on the subject of hats, here’s one that should not be donned on a whim.

Utah antlers 1


While we’re in Utah

Why don’t we take a moment to talk about That Boy Phinney again? He won the jersey for Most Inspiring Comeback (I reckon the wheels for that were greased by last week’s Special Tweets …) as well as overall Fan Favourite. I really like the whole Fan Favourite Jersey Idea™ and think other races should have them too.

Utah Phinney 2a Utah Phinney 1b

Utah Phinney podium 1 Utah Phinney podium 2

These riders just look younger and younger. Here’s Joe Dombrowski of Cannondale-Garmin (who really needed some good news last week), who took the overall victory.

Utah win 1

Utah winner pizza 1 Utah winner pizza 2

Boats and beer

It was another team presentation flotilla for the Eneco Tour this weekend. Not quite as fancy-schmancy as the Tour but hopefully they also didn’t have that ridiculous man who thought, quite wrongly, that he was the reincarnation of Freddie Mercury.

Eneco boats 1 Eneco boats 2

How did Andre Greipel feel after the Tour? He’s looking rather determined here. Stage 1 he lost some power in his legs and the victory went to Sky’s Elia Viviani but the shocked ‘what’s wrong with Greipel’ speculation was shown the door on stage 2, when he took a decisive victory. It was his seventh victory – an EnecoTour record.

Eneco boats 3 Eneco boats 4 Eneco boats 5

Viviani got a keg of beer for his victory. But no hat. That’s a shame.

Eneco keg 1a Eneco keg 1b

And Nathan Haas scored a couple cases of beer by being the most combative rider of the stage. Again, no hat. Again, what a shame.

Eneco keg 2

Ouija board, oh ouija board

Okay, so I failed with my crystal ball quest in the Tour in order to win Juan Antonio‘s Giro jeans. Maybe he’d go for a Ouija board? I’m thinking maybe a few people in this string of tweets has one of those. Awfully confident about the winner, there, Fifi – do you know something we don’t?

Vuelta predict 1 Vuelta predict 2

If Conor’s stat is in effect, then it would mean that no one who might seem a good bet (Q, Bones, His Nibs, Marge Simpson etc etc) will win this Vuelta. So look out for an unknown to take the victory.

Vuelta predict 3 Vuelta predict 4a Vuelta predict 4b

Not sure why Andrew is so sure that this year’s Vuelta is going to be such a rip-roarer. That’s what everyone was saying about this year’s Tour. And the GC sure wasn’t a rip-roarer.

Vuelta predict 5

However, perhaps Bones is trying to change his image. Get a little edgy with these mirrored CHiPs sunnies. Not so sure this look is going to stick.

Vuelta predict 6 Vuelta predict 7

The Gruppetto

You have to respect Santaromita for an honest tweet.

G Santaromita

Sagan and Pippo. Together. On Oleg’s team. Just think about this for a second.

G Sagan Pippo

Did I miss the unveiling of Sagan’s own personal logo? or what is that on his teeshirt?

G Sagan Bratislava

Manuel Quinziato is always welcome in Tweets of the Week. He’s really getting his Bond baddie look honed (in a good way).

G Quinziato

Whereas my favourite expression of surprise is ‘Lord Hoy!’, the lovely Dan Wuori’s favourite swear word is ‘Hushovd‘ but with a special pronunciation. (But Ian’s response is best.)

G Hushovd

Mr Horner is back on the warpath. #HeDidThat

G Horner 1

An origami Canadian hockey robot with swords. I want one of those.

G Canadian origami 1

G Canadian origami 2

Little Baby Blackbird doesn’t look like he has enough room for this much food. But cookies and cake for breakfast – holy cow, I need to become a professional cyclist if it means I get to eat that!

G Contador brekkie 1 G Contador brekkie 2

Cav will be riding in Derby this weekend and our beloved Ant is beside himself with excitement.

G Derby 1 G Derby 2

Looks like MTN-Qhubeka is doing Edvald Boss Haagen Dazs the world of good. Great to see him smiling and making his mark in the peloton again.


The fabulous Flecha. We’re counting down the days for the Vuelta just for the #FlechaWatch opportunities.

G Flecha London

The Last Word

Utah antlers 3


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