Racing Lines: Le Tour exhibition

We’re thrilled to see that Maxine Dodd, an artist we’ve interviewed for VeloVoices, will be holding an exhibition of her wonderfully elegant Grand Depart pen and ink watercolours during the month of July. “Racing Lines: Le Tour”  exhibition will be held at the Kettering Museum and Art Gallery. from 27th June to 25th July.


If you can’t make it to Kettering, never fear, Maxine is featuring the pictures she’s going to exhibit on her website Racing Lines. These focus on the race’s first four glorious days in England – both the professional peloton as well as the crowds who lined the route, created an amazing atmosphere and so animated the start of last year’s Tour.

(Header image: Yellow Bikes of Yorkshire © Maxine Dodd)


3 thoughts on “Racing Lines: Le Tour exhibition

  1. Hi Sheree, Thank you for your lovely post! The good news is that all the pictures are safely at the gallery. I spent this morning with curator, Katie and her team, Jan and Billie deciding on the final arrangement of the paintings and they’re busy hanging them now. We’re all ready for the opening on Saturday afternoon, so it should be great fun. Thanks again for support from VeloVoices, very much appreciated, Best wishes, Maxine 🙂

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