Tweets of the Week: Suisse, Sud, Sky and Surf

From the Tour de Suisse time trial nail-biter to Contador‘s flying descent in the Route du Sud, we’ve got all the action on the road this week. But one thing that won’t be on the road (or in the parking lot) is the Sky Motorhome Convoy. And as an added tweet-treat for summer, #FlechaWatch is back and catchin’ a wave (or two).

On the threshold

The Tour de Suisse had an exciting cast of characters. First up, everybody’s favourite Frenchman* Thibaut Pinot. (*this might not be strictly true). He rode into the yellow jersey by conquering an unprounceable climb with fire in his eyes.

TdS pinot win TdS pinot win 2

What do we think of his new look? Horrible. Just horrible. The top right picture surely is Mark Cavendish just pretending to be Pinot?

TdS Pinot lookSee what I mean? We never saw them together during the week, now did we? To be honest, I didn’t actually realise Cav was in this race until I saw the tweets.

TdS Cav

The FDJ boyband. Arnaud Demare‘s national jersey really is a thing of beauty, isn’t it?

TdS FDJ lineup 1 TdS FDJ lineup 2

The jersey in action …

RdS Demare 1 RdS Demare 2

Moreno Moser just hangin’ out in his Calvins (and a few socks?) on the team bus. I think a pair of Ryder’s goggles would top that look off just dandy.

TdS naked 1 TdS naked 2

I will let Beeker have his say on this.

TdS naked 3

The Velvet Samurai was back in action – and he was within a whisker of breaking the record for most stage wins at the TdS. Switzerland seems to suit him so I suspect he’ll ‘put the record out of reach for decades’ next year.

TdS Sagan cap TdS Sagan smile

Swiss TT time means Fabs time

The final time trial was ridden through the lovely medieval city of Bern – which just happens to be where Fabs lives. (It looks so different without night vision goggles…) So the Swiss crowd was even more thrilled to see him. As was I.

TdS Fabs smile 1 TdS Fabs smile 2

TdS TT queue 1 TdS TT queue 2

TdS Fabs TT start 1 TdS Fabs TT start 2

Possibly the best time check inflatable ever in the history of the world. I like Velocast’s crazy golf idea.

TdS TT clock balloon

Fabs set the best time by a long way early on in the day so he sat in the Alpecin HotSeat™ for quite some time. Until a Giant came to take his throne.

TdS TT Fabs hot seat 2

TdS TT Tom elegant TdS TT Fabs hotseat 3

Tom Dumoulin might have taken his rightful place in the Alpecin HotSeat™ but it was really down to Geraint Thomas and Simon Spilak‘s performances to decide the final podium. NYVelocity’s tweet says everything we need to know about that.

TdS TT Fignon

Baby Blackbird in flight

It was also the Route du Sud, where there was the showdown between Alberto Contador and Nairo Quintana. In the end, the showdown was more hype than reality as Quintana didn’t take the bait.

RdS Contador 1I’m liking the lemony-lime colour of the Tinkoff kit. Has it always been this limey? We’ve got some god-awful camu thing for the Tour, don’t we? Oh dear …

RdS Contador 5 RdS Contador 6

It was the penultimate stage that Contador and Quintana busted out of the peloton. Poor Pierre Latour was in the mix too.

RdS CQL fugitive 1 RdS CQL fugitives 2

RdS CQL stage stoicBut it was the power of flight that gave Contador his edge. Get used to this view, guys, you’ll be seeing it a lot in July.

RdS Contador downhill 1 RdS CQL downhill 2

RdS CQL stoic 2

RdS CQL stage RdS CQL stage 2

It’s the silent scream from Latour.

RdS Latour 1 RdS Latour 2

Bertie took the orange leader’s jersey and that was that.

RdS Contador win

RdS Contador podium 1 RdS Contador 4

Breaker Breaker …

Well, the Sky RV Convoy has been broken up before they could even get the PorteMobile steamcleaned. The UCI has said ‘Non!’ to the Sky caravan park. Some thought the ban was a good idea. Some didn’t.

Sky RV ban rule 1

Sky RV ban rule 2Sky RV 1

Sky RV ban backing

Sky RV ban 3

Even Chris Froome got into the debate. Quite honestly, though, is he saying that he was forced to sleep on the floor at the 2013 Tour (if the 102w on the picture is true)? Richie didn’t give up his bed for him? Bad Richie.

Sky RV ban Froome 1 Sky RV ban Froome 2 Sky RV ban Froome 3 Sky RV ban Froome 4 Sky RV ban Froome 5 Sky RV ban hotel 2

Sky RV ban Kennaugh Sky RV bank socks

Just a final thought on this: didn’t Team Sky have a sustainability/green policy when it started, or did I just make that up in my mind? If they did (and I couldn’t find it on the website as there’s no search facility), how would they have retrofitted their commitment to a fleet of motorhomes lumbering around France for a month? The Pope would not be impressed.

The Gruppetto

The boys were in Baku for the European Games (although why we need more Games, I’m unsure) and Pippo was surprisingly fully dressed.

Baku Boonen 1 Baku Boonen 2 Baku Pippo 1 Baku Pippo 2

Baku Pippo camu 1 Baku Pippo camu 2 Baku Terpstra 1 Baku Terpstra 2

It was touch and go there for a bit while Adam Hansen had to wait for his x-rays from a nasty crash. Luckily, he will almost certainly be on the start line in Utrecht!

G Adam 12 1 G Adam 12 2

The Aviva Women’s Tour was actually televised last week. How proud are Hannah Barnes‘ parents with her stage win? I love this picture.

G Aviva 1 G Aviva 2

Thanks to Ant, we know what Chris JJ and Alex were talking about in this picture.

G Dowsett air

Love this poster by Eliza Southwood. A huge talent.

G Eliza poster 1 G Eliza poster 2

I really can’t think of anything to say about this next one, other than this Spartacus amulet is €870. I feel the fact that I don’t wear jewellery of any kind, not even a watch – either smart or stupid – has helped me dodge an expensive bullet here.

G Fabu amulet 1 G Fabu amulet 2

Our cry of longing was answered, all the way from the Indian Ocean. Juan Antonio Flecha sent us some holiday snaps. I nearly hyperventilated with excitement.

G Flecha surf 1 G Flecha surf 2

Why is Giant such a great team? Because they have great esprit de corps and the management keeps the team together.

G Giant signs

I see Mick Jagger is back to taking selfies of himself in the most improbable places.

G Jagger truck 1 G Jagger truck 2

Tell me Christian Knees does not look exactly like Mick Jagger in this picture.

TdS Knees Jagger

The Lotto boys have made this little girl’s day. I love this series of pictures. Cyclists are always so generous with their time – especially with the littlest fans.

G superlotto 1 G superlotto 2

So many questions … no believable answers.

G Voeckler panda

The Last Word

Last word 1

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