The Grand Tour Cookbook challenge!

We’ve been patient and, finally, it has arrived! The English edition of Hannah Grant’s Grand Tour Cookbook – and it’s sheer gorgeousness! 

We got to know Tinkoff-Saxo’s head chef two years ago when we interviewed her on the publication of the Danish version of the GTCB. Now it’s time to try Hannah’s fresh, delicious recipes for ourselves.

Quinoa, broccoli

In the spirit of buying a cookbook and actually using it, I have set myself a challenge. I am going to try a new recipe every day for the next three weeks, starting today. (No, it doesn’t quite coincide with the Tour but I don’t want to waste any time!)

For my first week of recipes, I’ve chosen a few chicken recipes – like this Moroccan-style chicken with black olives; a few of the soup recipes, like gazpacho; caramelised onion soup; and a few side dishes, like roasted butternut squash.

Moroccan-style chicken

None of the recipes in this book look overly complicated – so great for someone (like me) who doesn’t cook a lot, also great for someone who is time poor but wants healthy, nutritious food quickly. So are you ready for the challenge too? If you are, tweet your comments and creations with the hashtag #gtcbchallenge. 

If you don’t have the book yet, you can order it here. Hardback, 350pp, published by Musette Publishing, it’s well worth the £40 cover price.

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