Subtle and simple: Chapeau summer jerseys

Because you’re gorgeous …! If you need a new summer jersey, look no further than Chapeau. Their 2015 tempo jersey is the epitome of simplicity and subtley – and it’s in four colourways!

Chapeau red jersey

Tempo summer jersey, red twin stripe; Chapeau; £49.99

Two-layers of wicking magic, reflective trim and a full-length zip makes it a perfect jersey for warm weather (or under a rain cape for a British summer). Comes in red twin stripe, aqua twin stripe, and if you want to go monochrome, a black twin stripe on white or a white twin stripe on black. At £49.99 and free UK delivery, you could collect them all! (Unfortunately, these are just available in men’s sizes …)

Chapeau cyan jersey

Tempo summer jersey, aqua twin stripe; Chapeau; £49.99

(Go to RCUK for a list of more inexpensive summer jerseys.)

3 thoughts on “Subtle and simple: Chapeau summer jerseys

  1. Oh, now I like that red and white one! Unfortunately I’m already at J + 1=S… One more jersey and my wife just might split with the kids! On second thought…

  2. Tony Pyrle says:

    I got one from their sale earlier in the year, there’s some really well thought out touches to it. It’s one of the few jerseys I’ve owned that doesn’t ride up, mainly I think, due to the rubberised elastic that gets used in all the right places. Everything about it just feels ‘right’.

    I think it’s important with all of the new people getting into the sport after the TdF that if the £50 price tag is too much and the jerseys listed on the RCUK site are too expensive that even the Lidl’s and Aldi jerseys are better than nothing. Hunt around on places like too because, kids, don’t let price put you off getting out on the bike, it’s a great sport!

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