Dutch Corner: l’Etape limited edition jersey

There is perhaps nothing quite as free-for-all crazy – in any sport! – as hairpin number 7 on Alpe d’Hue. Dutch Corner is simply one of the most iconic bends on one of the most iconic climbs in cycling – I’d bet you could see that corner bathed in orange from space. (Okay, slight exaggeration – you could see it from a light aircraft…)

Whether you’re going to be on Dutch Corner for this year’s TdF Queen Stage on 25 July or you’re planning your own personal ride up Alpe d’Huez, this limited edition jersey and bibs from l’Etape might be just the apparel for you.

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There’s lots of ziggity-zaggity goodness on this black kit with orange accents – and it’s only available until 15 July 2015, so do not tarry – from the 16th of July onwards, you will not be able to order this!

So over to l’Etape website now! The kit comes in men’s and women’s styles, from XXS to XXL and delivery is free. Be the envy of everyone you meet!

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