Giro Tweets: Arrivederci Italia, mille grazie!

The final climbs have been ridden, the final maglia rosa presented to Alberto Contador and the pink confetti has been swept up. Before we say farewell, let’s have one last look at the contortionist face of Fabio Aru, a pink-haired nutter who insisted on riding alongside the peloton, and glorious enthusiasm of Juan Flecha Antonio.

The trials and tribulations of Fabio Aru

Astana’s bright young rider has been through everything: a hefty dose of instant karma, an attacking teammate, then triumph and a second place podium. And we’ve found he doesn’t so much as wear his heart on his sleeve than his pain on his face (as well as those blasted nasal strips).

Aru 17

Aru 13

Honestly, the guy must have thought he was hallucinating on those mountain slopes at times. “Is that a pig? No, that can’t be a pig. Maybe that knight will kill him. No! Fabio, get a hold of yourself and focus … bridge to Landa, bridge to Landa.”

Aru 3a Aru 3

His instant karma for attacking the maglia rosa during a mechanical.

Aru 10

Aru 8

Aru 11

Aru 9

If this picture isn’t something out of Dante’s Inferno, I don’t know what is. No wonder Fabio has that face on, he has screaming hooded figures and Johnny Lydon following him!

Aru 12

Obviously, pain and pleasure are closely connected for Fabio. When he won on Saturday, you really couldn’t tell if he was in pain or ecstatic.

Aru 14 Aru 15

And Landa didn’t help much. They attack the maglia rosa, then he attacks his own rider. Remind you of anything? France, 2012?

Aru Attack Astana 1

Aru Landa 1

Then on Saturday, he granted no quarter to Zakarin on the Cima Coppi, which kind of shot him in the foot on the descent.

Aru 16

Aru Landa 3

Aru Landa 5

Cyclocosm summed it all up in one simple infographic.

Aru 7

But let’s move on.

A Giro kaleidoscope

Bits and tweets you might have missed along the way – some of the unsung heroes, some about hair. First up, my favourite Movistarlet, Andrey Amador.

Giro AA 1 Giro AA 2

Giro AA 3

Giro AA 4

Giro AA 5

The triumph of Philippe Gilbert. WHAT is that trophy?

Giro PhilGil stage

Giro PhilGil 1 Giro PhilGil 2

Luke Durbridge before the final stage, sitting next to the greatest smile in the peloton, Esteban Chaves.

Giro Orica 1 Giro Orica 2

After the final stage. Not looking too happy about being hugged by the guy who rained on his parade.

Giro final stage 2

Where was Baby Blackbird’s team this last week? Fabrizio has found their hiding place.

Giro tinkoff hiding

Mick Jagger, hair and Maxime Bouet (the man who cut Jagger’s hair …)

Giro Uran 1 GiroUran 2 Giro Uran 2b Giro Bouet 1 Giro Bouet 2

We didn’t see as much of Luca Paolini in the peloton as we would have liked but he finished it up in style.

Giro Paolini 1 Giro Paolini 2

I am unclear as to why the FDJ team are portrayed as horses. Playful ones.

Giro FDJ horses 1 Giro FDJ horses 2

Always a good race when you get a panoramic shot from Jered Gruber.

Giro Gruber pink alone 1 Giro Gruber pink alone 2

And it’s Cadel!

Giro Cadel 1 Giro cadel 2

Some jersey talk. Visconti‘s son is practicing his podium salute or else he’s an airplane.

Giro blue jersey 1

Nizzolo took home the red points jersey. And unbelievably thick dark eyebrows. Maybe he could get some eyebrow tips from Jakob Fuglsang. (Sorry, Midge!)

Giro red jersey 3 Giro Red jersey 3b

Always riding with a smile – Adam Hansen.

Giro Joker 1 Giro Joker 2

Today smells like bacon and shoe polish …

Giro smells

Possibly the most heartfelt picture of the whole Giro. “Please rescue me. That pink-haired maniac is too much,” whispers Baby Blackbird.

Giro Bjarne 1 Giro Bjarne 2

I just liked this picture. Unlike just about everyone else, I like the Ag2r kit.

Giro Ag2r

Good to see Daniele Colli at the final stage.

Giro AC and DC 1 Giro AC and DC 2

Look, another great Gruber shot!

Giro Gruber Mortirolo 1 Giro Gruber Mortirolo 2

The final stage was punctuated with tyre problems (see what I did there?). Luckily not for the maglia rosa.

Giro Juul Jensen puncture

And Kiss My Panache wins this round.

Giro Bibs 1 Giro Bibs 2


What some of the riders (and one careful owner) have to say about the race. I shudder to think what the hamster comment is about.

Giro done hamsters Giro done 6 Giro done 7 Giro done 1 Giro done 3 Giro done Kruijswijk 1 Giro done 4a Giro done 4b

Giro jcheng b Giro Jcheng a

And Adam Hansen did it – he broke the record for finishing the most consecutive Grand Tours. On to France now!

Giro done 2


Yeah. He did it. He dyed his hair pink.

pink start pink confused

pink hair Bjarne

This is Oleg before he revealed his new do. Keeping everyone in suspense … scared and in suspense.

pink batman 1 pink batman 2

Celebrate by pouring the prosecco onto the pavement. Maybe he’s trying to make Astana riders slip on the bubbles?

Pink 2a Pink 1c

Pink 7

Pink 2b

Pink 4a Pink 4b Pink 5aAnd the lovely Dan Wuori won this round. (Bottom right hand corner. See the tiny hand?)

Pink accident 1 Pink accident 2

Pink confetti 1 Pink confetti 2

#FlechaWatch … the final week

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth with the realisation that we won’t have our Flecha fix any more …

Flecha pink 7

Flecha pink 8

Flecha jersey 2 Flecha eisel 4 Flecha Bernie 1

Flecha Bernie 3

Flecha 8a Flecha 12 Flecha brains 1 Flecha brains 2

Flecha 2a Flecha 2 Flecha 4 Flecha 6b Flecha 6a

Flecha thanks 1

Flecha thanks 2

We will be marching on Eurosport headquarters during June if we find out that our hero isn’t coming back in July for #FlechaWatch #TheSequel

The last word

G selfie stick

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