Giro Tweets: Porte cabin, Flecha watch and spiralling dreams

It’s the first of this year’s Giro Tweets of the Week and we have lots to get through. From trophy gazing to trailer talk, Flecha to Shazam, I’ve buckled up my hip waders to fish them all out of the Twitterstream just for you.


Professional cycling has some amazing trophies – from the Tirreno trident to the Tour of Britain’s giant wheels of cheese – but none is more beautiful and elegant than the trophy that is presented to the Giro champion.

It seems that Mick Jagger and Big Tom have been told not to look directly at the trophy (it’s just too mesmerising). Can you believe this is Boonen’s first Giro?

Giro Trophy 1 Giro Trophy 2

“Hey baby, I’ve got my own Caravan of Luuurve. Fancy coming back to my place? We’ll be all alone, I promise!”

Giro Trophy 3 Giro Trophy 4

Nathan Haas has possibly tripped on to the only way Garmin will get to take the lovely Spiral home with them.

Giro trophy 5a Giro trophy 5

With the trophy comes the mascot. A few years ago, the Giro mascot was some sort of, well, alien creature. They’ve since gone with a giant wolf that has one jaunty fang (so pretty toothless as wolves go).

Giro Mascot 3a Giro Mascot 3 Giro Mascot 1 Giro Mascot 2

It really is amazing how grown men can hold plushies so nonchalantly.

Giro Ryder 1 Giro Ryder 2

I’m saying I’m putting this in because of the Porte-plushie combo but let’s face it – it’s because The Ladies Favourite has shaved off that atrocious beard. Hearts were aflutter once again.

Giro BernieSpeaking of hearts aflutter, seems that Juan Antonio Flecha‘s new career as Eurosport roving reporter has brought him lots of fans.

Giro Flecha 1 Giro Flecha 2

He was wearing hot pink jeans the other day, which solicited this tweet. I’m sure there was no double entrendre intended.

Giro Flecha 6

There was also a discussion as to who The Flecha looked like. Is it Starsky (sans cardigan)?

Giro Flecha 3

Or is it Greg Brady?


And speaking of lookie-likies. Elia Viviani and Alistair McGowan. Uncanny, no?

Giro viv twin

But there is only one Adam Hansen. His Cheekiness™ is riding to complete his eleventh consecutive Grand Tour. Thems a lot of miles.

Giro Hansen 3 Giro Hansen 4 Giro Hansen 1 Giro Hansen 2 Giro Hansen 5 Giro Hansen 6 Giro St3 Hansen

Yet it seems there are members of the public who really don’t care that a Grand Tour is on their doorstep.

Giro Tinkoff specs Giro Specs 2 Giro specs 3

The picture round

A gallery of the first weekend’s snaps, just for you.

Cadel Evans has a word with Barbie.

Giro Cadel 1 Giro Cadel 2

Alberto Contador, quite simply, is not going to be taking any sass from anyone.

Giro Contador

Don’t know about you guys, but it sure doesn’t look like Bertie wants to be anywhere near this guy. There’s not even a half-hearted smile in those eyes.

Giro Contador Oleg

Giants on the hot pink carpet.

Giro Giant 1 Giro Giant 2 Giro Giant 3

Wei Yuet caught the ever popular Heinrich Haussler just before stage 3.

Giro Heine 1 Giro Heine 2

Giro IAM 2 Giro IAM 3

Giro Lampre love 1 Giro Lampre love 2

Giro Ryder 3 Giro Ryder 4

Giro Sky 1 Giro Sky 2

Some champagne celebrations – and possibly the most honest thing a cyclist has said in a long time.

Giro TTT win 2 Giro TTT win

PhilGil sharing his Powerbar with a Movistarlet.

Giro St3 PhilGil 1 Giro St3 PhilGil 2

Of course, stage 3 was one that had everyone’s hearts in their throats – for all the wrong reasons. Two poignant comments …

Giro St3 win

Giro St3 one result

We all hope that Domenico Pozzovivo heals quickly and with no lasting problems.

RV talking to me?

Now here’s a topic that’s going to run and run – literally and figuratively. It seems in the quest for marginal gains, Sky have kitted out a luxury RV (apparently that’s not an oxymoron) for Richie Porte to use throughout the Giro, instead of packing and unpacking and sleeping in a different hotel every night. The Campervan of Solitude, if you will. Personally, I think he needs more than marginal gains to win this GT but I also think that separating one team member out from the others – no matter what the reason – can have subtle repercussions for the whole team. So maybe that negates the gains? We may never know. But, hot damn, it was a fun conversation on Twitter.

Giro RV hooligans 1 Giro RV hooligans 2

In my book, you can put as many leather seats in the thing as you want, it’s still a trailer.

Giro RV interior

Possibly the best response ever.

Giro RV hotelsFor anyone who doesn’t know what this refers to, Shazam is not a music ID app but was a teen superhero (Billy Batson) who fought crime while travelling the highways and byways of America with his mentor in a motorhome.

Giro RV Shazam

Giro RV Tinkoff 1 Giro RV Tinkoff 2 Giro RV Trapper Giro RV Valverde

Giro LTD camper 1

Giro LTD camper 2

Giro RV Oleg

Liberace’s bedroom, in case you don’t have the kind of imagination that Velocast does.

Screen shot 2015-05-12 at 11.19.08

Maybe a less silly conversation around the team dynamics of being sequestered in a motorhome every night.

Giro RV team 7Giro RV team 5

Giro RV team 1 Giro RV team 2

Giro RV team 3

Giro RV Porte cabinAnd now Richie’s mad as hell and in his pants …

Giro RV Porte 1 Giro RV Porte 2

The gruppetto

That Boy Phinney has gone all Jean-Michel Basquiat on us.

G Taylor 1 You can only tell David Gower and Oleg Tinkoff apart by the eyes. The crazed look in them.

G Oleg Gower 1 G Oleg Gower 2

A crazed look not dissimilar to this one.

G Schwinn 1 G Schwinn 2

Didn’t Cipollini used to smoke on the bike? He was just trying to be Sean Connery.

G Chesterfield 1 G Chesterfield 2

I miss Freddie.

G Freddie 1 G Freddie 2

Ah, he looks so young and cool.

G Bacon 1 G Bacon 2

The last word


Last word

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