Tweets of the Week: Yorkshire, Turkey and a syrupy farewell

It was a busy week in cycling – we had race overlapping race overlapping race overlapping an Hour record. Hard to keep up – lucky we have the Twitterstream to dive into! This week, we have Kittel, Wiggins and the crowds at Tour de Yorkshire; Cav, Greipel and great photos from Tour of Turkey; lots of one-offs in the gruppetto and a special section for the irrepressible Ted King.

Yorkshire puds

Crowds, crowds and more crowds. It was beautiful weather, a Bank Holiday, a strong field – why wouldn’t people be lining the streets?

TdY pic 3

TdY pic 2 TdY pic 1

TdY crowds 1

TdY crowds 2

TdY clouds

AND the lovely Wei Yuet was on hand to document the race!

TdY lone

TdY climb

TdY Kittel 1

And speaking of Marcel Kittel aka The ArgoSunGod, the TdY was his first race back from a looooong while but unfortunately he was still not in racing form.

TdY Kittel back

TdY Kittel 5

TdY Kittel 3

TdY 5

A few observations of the weekend.

TdY Tete

Good to see that there’s some crazy dude with horns at this race.

TdY sheep

So bets are being taken for Samu‘s post-retirement career. Owner of a chain of hair salons or the newest celebrity chef?

TdY Samu podium TdY Samu hair cut

The second best attended race in the world. In the world? The conversation then takes a turn to the Hebrides.

TdY 2nd best

TdY 2nd best 2 TdY 2nd best 3 TdY 2nd best 4

Team Wiggins (I refuse to upper case the entire name) looking all big and bad. Except I cannot possibly take anyone seriously who wears a navy blue jersey with black bibs. I cannot stand navy blue and black together – it’s just plain wrong (or it might be a Fondue foible – but it’s still wrong).

TDY Wiggins 1 TdY Wiggins team 1b

Navy jersey, black bibs and WHITE socks? That can’t be right in anyone’s book.

TdY Wiggins retire 2 TdY Wiggins retire 1

I think they got this from the set of Heartbeat. Didn’t even have to change the paint job.

TdY Wiggins deathstar

Turkey nuggets

TU Greipel Popeye TU legs

Another of our favourite photographers, Jon Baines, was at Tour of Turkey and had been posting up some fantastic pictures.

TU pic TU Greipel legs TU final

TU Cav tent TU Cav 1

TU Boonen

Pancakes for everyone

It was a sad day for so many fans when Ted King announced that this would be his last season. After his announcement, fans got in touch and, as always, Ted was as lovely and funny as ever with his responses.

Ted King announcement

King 1

Ain’t no frills in New England.

King 3

Ah, it’s that cheeky chappy look that flummoxes us.

King 4

Food has always played a big part in Ted’s career. And quite right.

King 5a King 5b

This is brilliant – maple cookie portrait.

King 6a

King 6b

The musette of the maple syrup king.

King 2

The gruppetto

Following on from Ted’s remark about the magician, here’s a little Valverde action. This first tweet made me snort with laughter on a crowded commuter train. Luckily, they’re all pretty used to that kind of thing from me.

G Valverde kiss

And he has a magic wand … (that is not a euphemism).

G Valverde wand 1 G Valverde wand 2

Mick Jagger looking like a minion.

G Uran glasses

G is back in town.

G Thomas UK

Steele von Hoff posing for the new Vulpine lookbook.

G Steele Vulpine

I don’t think Pippo can go for more than three or four hours without taking off his top. Can you imagine what that’s going to look like when he’s 74…

G Pozzato back

…like Chris Horner?

G Horner 74

Speaking of age … hmmm

G Rebellin yell

Oh good Lord!

G Aru

Photographer Camille Mcmillan raised a fair amount of money in about 36 hours to get his book into production, via Kickstarter. And this is one of his pictures that made a lot of people stump up some cash. It’s the Ladies Favourite.

G Bernie

Tears of joy from a certain Hour Record holder. Well done to Alex Dowsett.

G Dowsett 2 G Dowsett 1

The Last Word

Last word 2



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