Tour de Yorkshire: Video highlights

We didn’t cover the Tour de Yorkshire (stretched too thin at VV Towers), so I thought I’d put up a few video highlights for anyone who hadn’t seen it or who wanted to relive it.

First of all, we have a set of interviews – Sky’s Philip Deignan (standing in for Lars Petter Nordhaug?) and second and third placed Europcar Tommy Voeckler and Samu Sanchez. Then highlights from each of the three stages.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Link: Official website

5 thoughts on “Tour de Yorkshire: Video highlights

  1. Richard Cross says:

    I am worried now that you thought the Tour of Yorkshire was a load of p1ss?!? I will be relieved when you clarify what you mean.

    • Oh, that’s not what I meant at all, Richard! There were a couple of reasons why we didn’t cover the TdY this year. There were a lot of races on this weekend and we couldn’t cover them all so we went for Turkey (as Cav was racing with Greipel) and Romandie (as all the Tour contenders were there).

      The ‘stretched too thin’ remark was to do with that and the fact that everyone else was really busy with other things this weekend and couldn’t give it the attention needed. As we do all this content in our spare time, sometimes we can’t devote all our spare time to it. So opted for a short video recap today.

      • Richard Cross says:

        Don’t worry Kitty – I got you right away. You simply have a typo in your text: “relieve” instead of “relive” which i see has now been corrected. I thought it was too funny to let go by! Loving your work 😉

  2. Ah! I did wonder how you could have misconstrued what I’d said – then when I went into it I noticed the typo! That’s what you get when you do a Quick Hit way too quick! 🙂 Thanks, Richard!

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