Ted King: This will be my final season

The inimitable Ted King announced earlier this week that this was going to be his last season in the professional peloton. We weren’t too surprised at VeloVoices Towers, having discussed retirement with Ted in our interview with him earlier in the season.

But this announcement doesn’t mean that he’ll be coasting through the rest of the season. In his blog post on Strava about his decision, he has promised himself (and us) this:

I want to leave it all out on the road this season and not miss a single aspect of this adventure.

It was obvious from this week’s tributes, most notably from Peloton Magazine, that he’ll be sorely missed in the professional peloton. .

So let’s make the most of Ted’s final season. He’s currently back on US soil looking forward to the Amgen Tour of California, which starts 10th May, and everyone at VeloVoices wishes him the best of luck in the race and for the rest of the season.

Here’s a little reminder of why he’s such a popular guy. I’ve chosen three videos that reflect his seven years in the peloton.

Don’t forget to follow Ted’s adventures on the IamTedKing website and on Twitter.

Header image: Ted King 2014 Tour de France by Richard Whatley

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