The Big Feature: Roubaix perspectives

Paris-Roubaix is a melancholy race. Away from the bombast of the front group or the sharpness of a rider hitting the ground at speed, there is a sombreness, a loneliness, an isolation that seems to prevail throughout the day.

I asked three of my favourite up-and-coming photographers, Jon Baines, Wei Yuet Wong and Marshall Kappel, to send me a selection of their photographs from the race for this feature. Without giving them much more of a steer than that, they all came back with images that captured that melancholy and loneliness, even in the crowd shots. For me, this selection sums up the sober beauty of this race.


PR Wei Yuet girl  (Image: Wei Yuet Wong)

Shoulders (Wei Yuet Wong)

PR Wei Yuet Bernie  (Image: Wei Yuet Wong)

Fit (Wei Yuet Wong)

PR Kappel Carrefour  (Image: Marshall Kappel)

Carrefour (Marshall Kappel)

PR Kappel Sep  (Image: Marshall Kappel)

Smile (Marshall Kappel)

PR Baines paper 1  (Image: Jon Baines))

News (Jon Baines)

PR kappel cobbles  (Image: Marshall Kappel)

Cobbles (Marshall Kappel)

PR Wei Yuet Chava  (Image: Wei Yuet Wong)

Tattoo (Wei Yuet Wong)

PR Kappel bidon  (Image: Marshall Kappel)

Gift (Marshall Kappel)

PR Baines pole  (Image: Jon Baines))

Climb (Jon Baines)

PR Baines helicopter 1  (Image: Jon Baines))

Suspend (Jon Baines)


PR Baines Arenberg flags

Flags (Jon Baines)

PR Wei Yuet Arenberg 3  (Image: Wei Yuet Wong)

Trench (Wei Yuet Wong)

PR Wei Yuet Arenberg 1  (Image: Wei Yuet Wong)

Alone (Wei Yuet Wong)

PR Baines Hausleur

Trio (Jon Baines)

PR Wei Yuet Arenberg 2  (Image: Wei Yuet Wong)

Crowd (Wei Yuet Wong)


PR Kappel roadside  (Image: Marshall Kappel)

Maple leaf (Marshall Kappel)

PR Baines Roadside 1a  (Image: Jon Baines))

Encouragement (Jon Baines)

PR Wei Yuet Mavic  (Image: Wei Yuet Wong)

Yellow (Wei Yuet Wong)

PR Kappel Wiggins sign  (Image: Marshall Kappel)

Homemade (Marshall Kappel)

PR Kappel cars  (Image: Marshall Kappel)

Fleet (Marshall Kappel)

PR Baines flags 2  (Image: Jon Baines))

Stride (Jon Baines)

The end

PR Wei Yuet velodrome  (Image: Wei Yuet Wong)

Train (Wei Yuet Wong)

PR Baines velodrome  (Image: Jon Baines))

Victory (Jon Baines)

PR Wei Yuet eyes  (Image: Wei Yuet Wong)

Eyes (Wei Yuet Wong)

PR Wei Yuet ground  (Image: Wei Yuet Wong)

Grounded (Wei Yuet Wong)

PR Kappel Giant cola  (Image: Marshall Kappel)

Refresh (Marshall Kappel)

PR Kappel Vansummeren  (Image: Marshall Kappel)

Spent (Marshall Kappel)

PR Kappel Wiggins afterrace  (Image: Marshall Kappel)

Done (Marshall Kappel)

PR Kappel velodrome buggy  (Image: Marshall Kappel)

Mum (Marshall Kappel)

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Header image: Marshall Kappel

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