All the Classics, one classic design

Every now and again something pops up on Twitter that leaps out and grabs my attention. And that’s exactly what this stunning poster by Dan Mather celebrating the classics did the other day. [Note: Word on the tweets is that this is selling out fast – if you want one, order it NOW.]

I love the monochrome, no frills, almost brutal feel to this poster – it’s so indicative of these tough one-day races. Yet look at how the simple gold lettering adds a sparkle and lustre! Isn’t that just like watching a rider light up the race with a winning attack? A piece of pure, shining brilliance.

The print is a limited edition run of 50 (so order asap!) and priced at £40. All the details can be found on Dan’s website,

>sigh< I know what I’m doing while I wait for Milan-San Remo day to dawn. Now where’s my tape measure? I have wall space to measure.

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