More cheese than a Kraft factory explosion: OGE’s Uptown Funk!

If there’s one thing Orica GreenEDGE do better than most, it’s knocking up fun little videos, and they’ve just done it again. Taking time out during a South African training camp, the boys have followed up last year’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” (…said the gantry to the bus) with another musical skit.

This time, Bling Matthews has a go at being Bruno Mars for the day, supported by some pretty suspect backing singers, and takes on “Uptown Funk”. As you can imagine, it’s full of South African sunshine and warmth, which is just what you need to lift the winter gloom. There may be more cheese flying around than an explosion at a Kraft factory, but it still put a smile on my miserable, cynical face.

It’s great to see the riders having a bit of a laugh, sending themselves up, and most importantly, getting involved with the fans. There’s something very infectious about OGE videos, and this one is no exception.

Be warned – clicking on the link will take you to scenes of extreme sartorial criminality, questionable dancing, and, well, crack out the inflatable guitars and see for yourself… It’s Friday, after all!

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