Tweets of the Week: Moonwalking Mods and $10million and counting

Oh Lordy, Lordy, do we have a Tweets of the Week for you! Nibali snubs Froome! Contador vows to retire! Greg Lemond pays his own way! Lance owes millions! Wiggins recycles quips! Gratuitous photos of Cancellara in the desert! Plus, Mod ‘style’ – gotta have it or make it stop?!? Let’s fire that starting gun …

Froome? Never heard of him

Vincenzo Nibali threw down the gauntlet for this July.

Nibali 1

Yet Julien Pretot noticed that, um, he named his rivals two weeks ago – and they were different names …

Nibali 2While one of the names that was on both of Nibs’ lists announced his retirement post-2016.

Contador retire 1 Contador retire 2

There was some speculation as to whether we should believe this or not.

“What’s that in dollars?”

Greg Lemond was in London over the weekend to attend the London Bike Show and to meet Lord Hoy and the Vulpine crowd.

Lemond Hoy selfie

Kind of churlish to make two legends of the bike sit on whitewashed car tyres – this isn’t Nascar!

Hoy Lemond 1

Lemond 1


10 million smackeroos

One of the many court cases involving Lance Armstrong finally came to a conclusion on Monday.

Lance 10m 1 Lance 10m 3 Lance 10m 2

Desert rats with beards

It was a hot and stormy race – ‘sandstormy’ – in Qatar last week, which gave us some serious echelon action that WE COULD NOT SEE because no one televised it. But we did get some great photographs posted up on Twitter and Instagram.

Qatar three guys Qatar Sagan scars Qatar Kittel Qatar Heinrich Qatar Fabs TT Qatar Fabs tired Qatar Fabs Sgan Riis Qatar Fabs lead out Qatar Fabs desert Qatar Fabs crazy fast Qatar Boucher Qatar BMC ready Qatar beards

Gotta have it? Make it stop!

Oh but this set Twitter alight on Monday! New jersey for Team Wiggins. Personally, it might have looked better if those gold spindly stars were on the jersey, like the black argyle at Cannondale-Garmin. The reaction to this design was mixed, to say the least.

Wiggins jersey 1aaa

Wiggins jersey 1a

Wiggins jersey 2 Wiggins jersey super mario Wiggins jersey 1 Wiggins jersey 3

A lot of ‘gotta have it!’s here.

Wiggins jersey Sky1 Wiggins jersey Sky2

Some more of the ‘make it stop’ brigade.

Wiggins jersey roundel3 Wiggins jersey roundel5 Wiggins jersey roundel4

Do Mods moonwalk?

So in the spirit of managing expectations, Wiggins came out last week with the analogy that Roubaix was like moonwalking. It’s tough to do. Moonwalking on cobbles. Now THAT’s even harder to do!

Wiggins Moonwalk 1a

Wiggins Moonwalk 3

And there were variations on the quote.

Wiggins Moonwalk 2015 2 Wiggins Moonwalk 2015 1

Even Wiggins himself gave a variation of the quote. Oh wait! He’d used that moonwalking analogy before! When he was getting ready to win the Giro in 2013!

My big question is this: Who among us wants to be able to ‘moonwalk at a party’ – or is it just cyclists in the peloton who all want to do that? Do they do the robot as well? What the hell kind of parties do they go to after the races? I knew Mods were retro but do we really want to bring that particular ‘dance’ move back? (That would be a ‘no’)

Wiggins Moonwalk 2013

The Gruppetto

Farewell, Mr Ferrero. You brought much happiness to the world.

Nutella 1

I wonder how Sean feels about that court case?

G YatesDaddy van der Poel seems to be saying, “I done told them and told them, ‘pull your damn trousers up!’ They never listen.”

G Vanderpoel pantsMadiot‘s opinion of Team Sky, apparently.

G Madiot phoney war

Coco plots revenge.

G Froome sad cat

Send us a picture when you get that spray job done, won’t you, David?

G Famous gold bike

Fabs as PeeWee Herman. Even if he was wearing a tight grey suit with high-water trousers, he’d still look great.

G Fabs peewee

Fabianese still going strong. All is right with the world.

G Fabs not to bluff

Dave Brailsford. Right? Yes?

G Brailsford Telly

This has to be the beigest room I have ever seen.

G BMC Gilbert interview

It’s not the wrong image that disturbs me, it’s Sagan‘s kit. I am actively hating it now. Every time I see it, I automatically think his luggage got lost in transit (or was sent to Abu Dhabi while he arrived in Oman) and this was all they could find in the lost-and-found for him to wear.

G Tour of Oman

I suspect that if the God of Thunder gave you a slap, you’d be out for a week.

G Thor Edvald slap

The last word

Last word 1




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    Sean Yates – jesus he really just needs to go away. Wait. He did that already, quitting cycling to spend time with his family. Guess they’ve had enough of him already like the rest of us so he’s signed for the totally, 100% clean Saxo-Tinkoff.

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