Two wheels and the open road = happiness!

We’ve already reported cycling helps us to stay healthy and live longer. And, as this recent article from the excellent Cycling Tips notes, it also makes us happy! What more could you want from a sport?

I know why I love cycling – the freedom of the road anytime I want it! In fact, I find it hard to contemplate life without my bike(s).

Here’s the 15 main reasons cycling makes us happy. What, if anything, would you add to the list below?

  1. Physical Health
  2. Mental Health
  3. Social Engagement
  4. Competence
  5. Enjoyment
  6. Gratitude
  7. Goal Setting
  8. Sensation-Seeking and Risk
  9. Accomplishment
  10. Engagement
  11. Optimism and Positivity
  12. Strengths
  13. Restoration
  14. Purpose
  15. Positive Emotions

And we’ve not even mentioned the immense joy we derive from watching cycling, then blogging and tweeting about it!

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2 thoughts on “Two wheels and the open road = happiness!

  1. Purchase Satisfaction…

    Gone my whole life looking for something that would finally sate my desire to purchase something that would continually put a smile on my face. My Venge does that, day in and day out. Best thing I ever bought.

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