Tweets of the Week: Beardies, Sweat Sweat Dance! and o sole Rigo

Another week of racing, another week of hot tweets dealing with the burning issues of the day. We have Jack Bobridge’s (unsuccessful) hour attempt, Bernie‘s Luca-like beardage, Fabs and the Force and Mick Jagger‘s continuing solo tour of lonely places. Oleg‘s in the gruppetto with Basso, as is the Velvet Samurai and Katusha trick cyclists.

“Don’t do it. Save yourself!”

Bobridge 1 Bobridge 2

I was wondering that little yellow ring was in Bobridge’s nose. Not up with what the kids are doing these days, I thought maybe this was some sort of fashion statement. Apparently not. It’s to help the breathing (it does something like hold the nostrils open). So not unlike those stacks of nasal strips that the guys wear.

Bobridge 4

Bobridge 6

It’s all about the pacing, kids.

Bobridge pacing

Bobridge 5

There are calls for Jack to just get back on that bike and try it again this week. Not sure he can be convinced. The lovely Tom Varney, however, thinks that it’s good that he didn’t break the record.

Bobridge Varney

Bernie’s got a new set of whiskers

…And the bearded ladies are not happy about it.

Bernie beard 3Bernie beard 4

Bernie beard 1 Bernie beard 2 Bernie beard 5

The Force is strong in Fabs

Spartacus is going over the plan with his teammates – Panache thinks they look like stormtroopers.

Fabs team talk 1

Ant took that idea and ran with it.

Fabs team talk 2 Fabs team talk 3

“These are not the droids you’re looking for…”

Fabs droids force

Unfortunately, it seems the Force isn’t strong enough to stop them punishing Fabs during training by making him watch this!?!

Fabs Step UpGratuitous pictures of Fabs looking fabulous.

Fabs snowy white Fabs sign inThe long and winding road

…that leads to … seriously, where the hell IS Mick Jagger these days? He seems to be posting up lonely pictures of him in deserted places. Is he lost? I think he might be. Someone go find him and get him to an airport lounge!

RU moody RU velodrome 1 RU velodrome solo RU legs RU eating roadside RU cooking

During all this lonely wandering, looks like his friends have posted up their favourite album covers.

Rigo: Songs for Young Lovers

RU album 6

Rigo: The Christmas Album

RU album 3

Rigo Sings the Psychedelic Furs Songbook

RU Album 2

Rigo UncoveredRU album 1

The Gruppetto

Don’t try this at home, kids!

G Vos warmup

Marianne Vos congratulating Pauline Ferrand-Prevot on her win at the Cyclocross World Championships. We need more of this spirit, I think.

G Vos hug G Vos Equality

I’m unsure as to what to say to this. What? The? …

G Voeckler scrum

They sure didn’t hide this news in a PDF in an obscure part of their website. Hey UCI, a new brand identity ain’t gonna solve any of your problems. None. Not. A. One.

G UCI rebrand

Maple syrup birthday cake all round!

G Ted King Superman

Tinkoff training camp. Bertie catches a lift, SuperSagan stretches an elastic band and Oleg is in town …

G Saxo training 3 G Saxo training 2 G Oleg hat G Oleg Basso 2 G Oleg Basso 1

And so is the circus! Another one of those pictures that leaves me speechless.

G Katusha circus

Leader of the pack.

G Fabs head onG Fabs reverseDan Craven, immortalised in plastic.

G Craven lego beard

The Broomwagon shows no pity.

G Broomwagon

Last word

Last word

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