Suffer in Switzerland! The Sufferfest training camp

I do love a good Sufferfest – okay, I swear and rain insults down on the evil genius* who devises them but the shot of endorphins after chasing Cancellara over the cobbles in A Very Dark Place makes me forget the pain.

However, until now, Sufferfests have often been a solitary torture in garages, spin rooms and basements around the world. But 16 lucky masochists cyclists can participate in the first ever Sufferlandian Training Camp at the UCI World Cycling Centre in Aigle, Switzerland. Dates are 14 to 21 June and there are really ONLY 16 places available so go go go go go ….

If you can’t make it to the training camp, you can still toil alone – why not download a few more Sufferfests for a bit of variety?

The evil genius behind Sufferfest? That would be David McQuillen. How do we know? We interviewed him in 2013.

(Header Image: Cancellara; A Very Dark Place)

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