Tweets of the Week: Jagger on tour, final cuddles, #CALIDIDTHAT

The first WorldTour race of the season is done and dusted and it was a rip-roarer. We say farewell to an Australian cycling legend at the Tour Down Under, we have the reactions to Pops‘s reaction to not being invited to the Tour of California in May and Mick Jagger seems to be on some sort of road trip. Plus: Sagan in a onesie, Fabs on the red carpet and That Boy Phinney with enormous hair.

G’day mates

BMC’s Rohan Dennis claimed the top step of the TDU podium by a mere two seconds over Sky’s Richie Porte. And in his last race in the WorldTour peloton, Cadel Evans took third. Competing to the end and supporting his teammate for the win, Evans finished up his racing career with real class.

TDU Back page

TDU Cadel TDU Cadel 2Who is this strange man in the orange fedora? He looks familiar although for the life of me I just can’t place him.

TDU JensThe ArgoSunGod looking better in this picture than the next one.

TDU Giant

TDU PopeyeI wonder what our friendly croc is going to do now that Cadel has gone? I hope he goes on. We like the croc.

TDU crocRobbie McEwen was on hand last week to do some commentary on the TDU and by all accounts did a fine job! (Pssst, Eurosport? Please hire him.) However, as we all know, it’s easy for even the most down-to-earth of commentators to stray into hyperbole. Robbie was not immune to temptation. But at least he never forgot Cadel’s name.

TDU Robbie

The race is ruined!

And speaking of hyperbole – and hubris! – Chris Horner had a few choice words for the organisers of the Tour of California for not picking him and his team as a wildcard for May. Then he rode off on his huffy bike.

Horner 1This is what Pops said:

I don’t know what the promoters are thinking. They’ve obviously done harm to the race by not bringing me. You left the only current rider with a grand tour résumé who was going to show up, and I’m a past champion there.

Some of you agreed with him, some not so much.

Horner 5 Horner 4 Horner 3a Horner 3 Horner 2 Horner 12 Horner 11 Horner 10 Horner 9 Horner 8 Horner 7 Horner 6Meanwhile, somewhere in the Americas

So last January, February, March, maybe even into April, we saw tweets from Mick Jagger from airport lounges all over the world. This week, he seemed to take to the road, all the way from Colombia to Miami (okay, he flew to Miami but still) – and there was cake!

RU cake RU signingThis shot well and truly bewilders me. Is that an abandoned sausage shack?

RU roadside standThey might have been in Panama at the same time, but we’ve never seen them in the same room together, now have we?

RU Panama 2 RU Panama 1From Panama to Miami.

RU plane Miami

RU Miami huh RU jerseyI wonder why he’s driving in his cycling kit?

RU driving RU Colombia hillsNext week, Our Rigo takes a train and husky sled to Alaska! I’m putting money on this being the year he goes around the world, Michael Palin style.

The Gruppetto

Retro treasures.  G OLD CYCLING MAGS

Look at that HAIR! On both of them!

G Taylor TasteMany a Samu fan was popping the champagne corks last week when it was announced that the golden-shod cyclist had signed for another year at BMC.

G Samu PhilGil

And there was an interesting chat about Richie Porte possibly going to BMC next year. But who would Froomey get to be his energy gel gatherer after the feeding cut-off point? G Samu 2Seriously, nothing says ‘night of romance’ quite like a fleecy onesie, orange-toed socks and pool slides. Ned Boulting‘s reply to Sagan‘s tweet is wonderful. G Sagan good nightMeanwhile, back in the prehistoric 80s, Michele Acquarone had A-ha hair and Patsy Kensit leaning on his shoulder. G Michele PatsyLuca: still bearded. Looking lean and mean.

G Luca PaoliniHappy news for the Boonens. I suspect Tom will be a doting dad. G Boonen babiesPriceless. G clogsFabs: pre-shave.

G Fabs beardyFabs: post-shave and pre-production. G Fabs clapboardFabs: cleaned up and looking swelegant. End of Fabs doting.

G Fabs red carpetWe haven’t had some lovely photographs from the Grubers lately. So here are two. Makes you sigh, don’t they!?

G Gruber 1 G Gruber 2

Just one little exchange about a certain cycling doctor.

G LeindersThe last word

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 6.11.44 PM

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