Henrich Haussler: #IAMHeino, #IAMChamp

I am thrilled! I am bubbling! #IAMExcite because Barbie’s BACK! IAM Cycling’s Heinrich Haussler took the 2015 Australian Road Race Champion’s jersey in a tight sprint to the line.

The new champion, speaking to Cycling Australia after the race, was his usual straight-talking self and produced my favourite quote.

…The lactic acid was just coming out of my ears in that last one hundred metres.


Heino is a personal favourite and I am thrilled to see him back to winning ways after a few difficult seasons. He may not have started the race as a bookies favourite, but an insightful Cycling Tips interview, published a few days ago, showed that Heinrich was optimistic about 2015 and ready to get to work.

I want to have fun racing again. Sometimes it’s really frustrating, because you haven’t had the legs and you see the guys go up the road and you just think, “Fuck, what am I doing here? I can do this!”

He’s gunning for the Classics this season and I for one can’t wait to see him barehandedly mix it up with the best again!

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