Meet the hair-care bunch! Or heeeere’s Giant-Alpecin!

Argo-Shimano, Giant-Shimano, now my favourite team in the world EVER is called Giant-Alpecin. They may have new sponsors but they’ll always be the Argonauts to me. Their team presentation was on Wednesday 7th January, introducing their new kit and a couple of new riders. The men’s kit has red accents/armbands/lozenges on their black-and-white kit, while the kit of the women’s team, Liv-Plantur, has green accents.

So here are three little films for you to enjoy as we await the Tour Down Under.

This is Carter Jones. He sounds like an adventurer-archeologist, but he’s not. He’s a bike rider.

And this is Zico Waeytens. What. A. Name! He sounds like a mad scientist, but he’s not. He’s a bike rider.

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