VeloVoices Awards 2014: Kit of the Year

From yesterday’s Sartorial Elegance Award, we segue neatly into our award for the Kit of the Year. It’s almost like we plan these things sometimes! (*Almost*)

Who wore the coolest threads on the road in 2014? Here are our nominations. You know what to do!

Previous winners: 2012 – Swiss national champion’s jersey. 2013 – Sky.

Ant avatarAnt: This season, I was mostly a fan of the FDJ kit, in that glorious – and, sadly, soon to be largely sidelined – blue.

2014 FDJ kit

Jack avatarJack: Ag2r La Mondiale have been the butt of cycling fans’ jokes ever since they swapped their blue kit for a brown one a few years back. Their colour scheme undeniably has a vintage bathroom suite vibe, but it seems to me to be a little underrated in its retro cool. Then again, I liked the Footon-Servetto kit, too …

Ag2r 2014 kit

Kitty avatarKathi: IAM Cycling. Nothing is as smart as that navy blue kit with red and white accents. So smart, so elegant. Now if I could only forget about the hideous paint job on Sylvain Chavanel’s bike …

IAM 2014 kit

Midge Tremayne avatarMidge: The French national champion’s kit styled by FDJ. Free from any sponsorship detailing, it is simple, beautiful, and looks like the French flag. What more does a national champion’s kit require? Many teams could learn from FDJ.

French national champion FDJ

Panache avatarPanache: The Farewell Jens custom Trek kit with chrome shoes, custom painted helmet, and custom painted bike.

jens voigt kit

Tim avatarTim: In amongst the plethora of black or navy-blue kits in the peloton, I rather liked Movistar‘s kit. The lime-green colours and cartoonish shape of Movistar’s logo made their jersey stand out from the crowd and feel less ‘corporate’ than, say, OPQS, Sky or Trek. And it’s just a clean, simple design too – no fuss, no muss.

Movistar 2014 kit

Let us know your choice and the reasons for it – or if we have missed out your personal favourite – in the comments below.

Polls will close at 1200 GMT (UK time) on Friday 12th December.

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  1. I’ve long been a fan of AG2R La Mondiale’s quirky colour combination – and also very fond of the rich blue of FDJ – IAM’s super-sleek contemporary design looks invincible, but I keep thinking back to those tangerine carrots… happy days! 🙂

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