VeloVoices Awards 2014: Sartorial Elegance Award

We do like a well turned-out rider here at VeloVoices, so today it’s time for one our favourite (and least serious) polls – the Sartorial Elegance Award. This is a chance for you to honour the rider you believe to have the best fashion sense, hair or facial hair in the peloton. Who’s it going to be? Here are our nominations – you decide!

Previous winners: 2012 – Thomas Voeckler. 2013 – Taylor Phinney.

Tim avatarTim: Just for once, I’m going to make a purely subjective selection: Mark Cavendish. With his Oakley glasses and seemingly endless array of cardigans, no one rocks the geek look quite like Cav. (I know I don’t!)

Ant avatarAnt: I’m not sure if the word ‘elegance’ applies here, but I have nothing but admiration for Europcar’s Dan Craven’s beard. [Is it just me, or is he the spitting image of Ewan McGregor? – Ed]

Europcar's Dan Craven (Image: Wikipedia)

Europcar’s Dan Craven. Or possibly Ewan McGregor (Image: Wikipedia)

Jack avatarJack: It’s FDJ’s Kenny Elissonde for me. He’s proof that great things can come in tiny packages. Effortless French cool chic: the scarves, the artiness, the lounging at cafes … [Bromance alert! – Ed]

Kitty avatarKathi: It has to be the Argo SunGod Marcel Kittel. Great hair, great hair – and did I mention he has great hair? And he cleans up well.

Midge Tremayne avatarMidge: Jakob Fuglsang. So often the go-to man for interviews in English at the Astana team. He presents tousled hair perfection at all times, and rocks a suit when he needs to.

Panache avatarPanache: Luca Paolini. Who else can grow a beard like a dwarf from the Hobbit and talk on a cell phone during a race? [Kids – don’t try this at home. The phoning while riding OR the beard – Ed.]

Sheree avatarSheree: Moreno Moser, effortlessly elegant. He always looks good without trying too hard and also has a geeky pair of glasses. The kid can sing and draw too. Way too much talent!

Let us know your choice and the reasons for it – or if we have missed out your personal favourite – in the comments below.

Polls will close at 1200 GMT (UK time) on Friday 12th December.

Next: Kit of the Year.

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  1. I may be commenting prematurely here, as perhaps a Team Sartorial Elegance award may be in the offing but…. I do wish the designer behind Tinkoff-Saxo’s strip would reconsider the black area on the lower half of their kit. The ‘Superman’s Underpants’ look may be great for team morale but it causes havoc for artists trying to paint a serious painting of them! 🙂

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