Tweets Special: Farewell to Andy Schleck

We’ve all seen Andy Schleck go from the highest of heights – battling it out with Alberto Contador in one of cycling’s great rivalries – to the lowest of lows after his pelvic injury in 2012 that seemed to affect his mental strength as much as his physical being. Last year it became clear that joking about deploying the Schleckchute was starting to feel like kicking a guy when he was down.

On Thursday, 9 October, he announced his retirement in an emotional press conference. This Tweets of the Week Special gathers some of the reaction from the Twittersphere, plus links to some of the best write-ups and a few vids as well.

Pre-press speculation

Schleck Pre press 2 Schleck pre press 1

Schleck after 1a

“I will end my career”

In what was an incredibly emotional press conference, Andy announced his retirement. Clearly, this was not a decision he made lightly or with a glad heart. The knee injury he sustained after running into an errant spectator during this year’s Tour de France put paid to his future in the sport.

Schleck during 2

Schleck during 9 Schleck during 7

Schleck during 1 Schleck during 3 Schleck during 4 Schleck during 5

Schleck during 6

Schleck during 8

Reactions to the news

Riders and fans alike took to the Twitterstream with their reaction to the news.

Screen shot 2014-10-11 at 18.13.54

Here is the epic battle between Contador and Schleck on the Tourmalet, Stage 17 of the 2010 TdF

And their Specialized advert (yeah yeah yeah, I know, Specialized. But it’s funny.)

Schleck Jens 1 Fabs Schleck Jens 2

Schleck after 1

The Rouleur link below is here.

Schleck after 2

Peloton magazine’s link is here. This has quite a nice gallery of photographs as well.

Schleck after 4

Perhaps Andy’s greatest triumph was his solo win on Galibier in 2011. Certainly, that’s one of my favourite TdF stage wins by, well, anyone. It’s Eddy Merckx rising out of the sunroof of the commissaire’s care and Andy’s glance over at him as if he were delirious that was icing on the cake. This clip is 12 minutes long and with French commentary, but it is well worth seeing again.

Schleck after 5 Galibier Schleck after 6 Galibier Schleck after 7 Schleck after 8 Schleck after 9 Schleck after 10 Schleck after 11 Schleck after 12

Schleck after 13 Andy

He may not be cycling anymore, but as Melissa’s tweet demonstrates, he still has a lot in his life. We wish him and his family a happy and healthy future.

Schleck after 3

The last word

Schleck last word

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