Tweets of the Week: FlowerPower rules ok

Been a bit hit or miss lately with Tweets of the Week and for that I apologise. Life sometimes leaves little time for swimming the Twitterstream. But I couldn’t let Michal Kwiatkowski‘s win on Sunday go undocumented.

They’re behind you!

My #KwiatKrush made a sneaky – yet audacious – move six kilometres from the finish to take the rainbow jersey. Although it did look like he was going to lose it right on the line. But that was only the camera angle.

Worlds Kwiat finish 1

This is why he won.

Worlds Kwiat risk Worlds Kwiat chase

Worlds Kwiat after 1

How livid was I that BBC decided to let Rob Hayles and Jonathan Edwards talk utter bollocks while the podium presentation was going on. And Michal cried! And I MISSED IT! #Raging

Worlds Kwiat cry 1 Worlds Kwiat cry 2 Worlds Kwiat cry 3 Worlds Kwiat airport

But what about the others?

The VelvetSamurai™ was in fact the InvisibleSamurai. Didn’t even see him in the race.

Worlds Sagan

PhilGil, on the other hand, was one of the few to really animate the race.

Worlds PhilGil 3 Worlds PhilGil 1

And he had one of the best national kits.

G PhilGil 2

But what about My Beloved Fabs? Didn’t go so well … >sad face<

Worlds Fabs 3 Worlds Fabs 4 Worlds Fabs 2 Worlds Fabs 1 Worlds Fabs 7

The race of truth

The individual time trial competition was one of the most anticipated showdowns of the Worlds – Martin vs Wiggins.

TT Tony TT Wiggins 1 TT Wiggins 2 TT Wiggins 3 TT Wiggins 4 TT Wiggins 5 TT Wiggins 6

The Gruppetto

Stef Clement goes home. Please note his wife Cindy’s response to this tweet.

G Stef wife

“Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?”

G Sky Roche

Wouldn’t be Tweets without a Quinziato selfie!

G Quinziato selfie

The German team – funny how ordinary they look in street clothes!

G German worlds

Jens made an appearance at the CycleShow and was one popular guy.

G Jens 1 G Jens 2 G Jens 3

Giant-Shimano has a new sponsor. They will be known as Giant-Alpecin next year. Yes, Alpecin, the German caffeine shampoo. The ArgoSunGod‘s hair should be more luxuriant than EVER!

G Kittel hair 1 G Kittel hair 2

Nutella love. Starting to get just a little bit silly now.

G Nutella 1 G Nutella 2

The last word

Last word


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