Tweets of the Week: Vuelta swings and British roundabouts

It might have been slim pickins’ over the past few weeks, but we’ve netted ourselves an abundance of good tweets this week! We have Froome versus Contador, Bruiser Brambilla versus Rumble Rovny, and lots and lots of great photographs.

The ups, the downs

It was a topsy-turvy weekend for the GC. It started with Chris Froome losing time in the ITT on Tuesday.

Vuelta Froome first

Then, on Saturday, it looked like he didn’t have it in the mountains either. He kept his eyes glued to his power meter and ignored the rest of the world. Which actually worked in that it kept him in contention. But it was not pretty.

Vuelta Froome attack face

Vuelta Froome Sat stage Vuelta Froome style 2 Vuelta Froome style 4

Vuelta Froome 1

Of course, at least where Alejandro Valverde and Joaquim Rodriguez are concerned, it looks like Froome is going to have the last laugh.

The pair stupidly did not work with Baby Blackbird on Sunday’s stage to put time into Froome and instead sucked Bertie’s wheel before nipping out from behind him to pick up some time on him. They would pay a dear price on Monday for that. Foolish, foolish men.

Vuelta Valv Rod 1 Vuelta Valv Rod 5 Vuelta Valv Rod 3

Vuelta Valv Rod2

Contador went with Froome and then won the queen stage, taking time on all of his rivals. Froome is now just three seconds from kicking Valverde off the second step of the podium.

Vuelta Contador win1

Vuelta Contador win 1a

Vuelta Froome style 6

Vuelta Contador win 3 Vuelta Contador win 4 Vuelta Contador win 6

Vuelta contador win thanks

Vuelta Contador win pistoleroI suspect you could have cut the atmosphere in that helicopter with a knife – at least between the Spanish passengers. Fabio Aru and Froome look fairly happy with things!

Vuelta helicopter

But that wasn’t even the biggest news from stage 16!

Biff! Bang! Pow!

The break most certainly broke on stage 16 with a fight – right on the bikes! – between OPQS’s Gianluca ‘Bruiser’ Brambilla and Tinkoff-Saxo’s Ivan ‘Rumble’ Rovney. Punches were thrown, sunnies were destroyed, LL Sanchez shook his head in disgust.

Vuelta fight video 1

If I were the commissaires, I would be more concerned about the rider who seemed to burst into flames just at the time of the fisticuffs. Either that or Scotty’s beaming him up. (Velocast is an alien? What? Well, that explains a lot…)

Vuelta fight 2 Vuelta fight 3 Vuelta fight 5 Vuelta fight De Marchi Vuelta fight rope

We all expect that this bad blood will be boiling over for some races to come. Brambilla was not a happy bunny.

Vuelta DQ1 Vuelta DQ2 Vuelta DQ3

The camera bike was a bit brutal during stage 16 – if it wasn’t sticking its lens into the suffering face of Mick Jagger (who really looked about 70 at one point), it lingered around Brambilla, just waiting for the tears.

Vuelta DQ4

Bruiser hung out on the road until the Tinkoff train came whistling by. He was kind enough to tell Rumbler the news.

Vuelta DQ5 Vuelta DQ6 Vuelta DQ8 Vuelta DQ9 Vuelta DQ10 Vuelta DQ11 Vuelta DQ12

Snappy snaps

There are some great pictures that have been coming out of the Vuelta this year – particularly from BrakeThrough and Pasion Ciclista.

Vuelta pics Guardini Vuelta pics Boonen Vuelta pics 1

I love that the guy in the green teeshirt is talking to the guy in the elephant onesie as if it’s the most natural thing in the world!

Vuelta pic Zeits Vuelta pic Uran Vuelta pic Tiralongo Vuelta pic Quinziato Vuelta pic Landa Vuelta pic Froome Vuelta pic Froome 12 Vuelta pic Fabs 2 Vuelta pic Fabs 1 Vuelta pic AruMeanwhile, back in Blighty

The Tour of Britain started and it was a very informal affair, as can be seen from the pictures.

toB pics 1 ToB Wigs 1 ToB Wigs 2 ToB Wigs Flint G Kittel ToB yellow G ToB pic ToB Cav 1 ToB Cav 4

Of course, the riders were more than generous with their time, signing autographs and posing for pictures with the fans. You don’t get that kind of interaction in any other sport.

ToB fans 2 ToB fans 3 ToB fans 4 ToB fans 6

Totally love that little Batman.

ToB fans 9

ToB fans 7ToB fans 8 ToB fans 10 ToB fans 12

It’s just like July all over again – here’s Prince Harry! The guy looks like he’s about to cry – the little boy? He’s not impressed. He’s thinking: ‘You’re not the ArgoSunGod™…’

ToB fans Renshaw

The Gruppetto

Theo Bos goes Canadian.

G Theo bos 2 G Alberta pic

During one of the Vuelta stages, we saw Warren Barguil (Giant, of course) raid a BMC musette. He’s young, he got excited at the feed station, he just grabbed the first musette he could, it happens.

G BMC musette

It has been decided that the red jersey paired with Tinkoff’s yellow and blue bibs and accented by the yellow and red knee tape was a sartorial success.

G Contador style

The Mighty John Degenkolb™.

G Degenkolb

Fabs and Bobby Cannavale, that actor who was in Boardwalk Empire and Nurse Jackie. Am I right?

G Fabs Indurain



Dan Lloyd drily debunks a theory from Shane Stokes and Mikkel Conde.

G Farrar 1

Jered taking magical pictures. Still.

G Gruber 1

The banter between Greg Henderson and Adam Hansen used to feature a lot in Tweets – and they’re back!

G Hender Hansen 1 G Hender Hansen 2

The ArgoSunGod

G Kittel Duchess G Kittel ToB yellow

A happy birthday photo of one of our favourites, Koen de Kort.

G Koen 2

Beautiful photograph – looks so peaceful, doesn’t it?

G misty TT

Vincenzo Nibali visits the guys who work on Ryder‘s bike.

G Nibs cars

Love. That. Hat.

G Niemiec hat

REALLY love the hats!

G podium flowers

They’re trying to blind us with science over at Garmin. But don’t worry! Science has never stopped a good conspiracy theory from growing out of proportion!

G Ryder physics

More great photography – this time by Wei Yuet. Have a look at his flickr – his work is really quite wonderful.

G World Champ pic

Cancellara as a pup.

G young Fabs

The Last Word

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 6.22.03 PM

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