Podcast #47: The mighty Degs with the speedy legs

Tim, Kathi and Midge review the second week of the Vuelta a Espana, where Alberto Contador took the high road and The Mighty John Degenkolb took the low road (well, the flat one, anyway).

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Links & notes

Vuelta stage 10 review

Vuelta stage 11 review

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Vuelta stage 13 review

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Vuelta a Espana official website

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2 thoughts on “Podcast #47: The mighty Degs with the speedy legs

  1. jezzafox says:

    You have to give Kathi the elbow from the podcast team unless she can stop her sexist idiotic comments.
    If the guys did the same when talking about women’s cycling, constantly referring to fancying this one or that one because of their body parts, there would be an uproar.

    Kathi, just leave the team or shut up with this constant stream of inane drivel.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jezza. Kathi’s comments are always meant in jest and some of the nicknames we have given riders such as Fabian Cancellara are intended only as part of the light-hearted way we look at the cycling world – it’s just our style here at VV – and the podcast is deliberately more irreverent than the blog. I dare say I have made similar comments about Cav in the past.

      In three years, we have yet to receive a single complaint from any other reader or listener. Sorry if you find some of these comments offensive but I do keep an eye on the tone across all our outlets and we won’t be making any changes to either the podcast team or to general editorial policy. I hope you’ll understand that we won’t make significant changes unless a number of people raise this as an issue.


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