Tweets of the week: Spanish sass, lookie-likies and combative cheese

We have tweets from Spain! We have tweets from, um, other places! We have cycling lookalikes! We have Taylor’s legs! We have a long-winded comparison of Freddie Mercury and Team Sky! We nearly had a naked Pippo (but I spared you that…) It’s Tweets of the Week!!!!

The spicy Vuelta!

So many stories. Here are just a few.

The Mighty John Degenkolb™ making a play for green all the way to Santiago. #GoGoGoGo

Vuelta DegsAnd with a team like this behind him, I wouldn’t bet against him!

Vuelta degs 2I just thought this was a very sweet tweet from one of the most aggressive (in a good way – not a Bouhanni way) riders.

Vuelta de MarchiThe heat was on. Remember in the final TT for the Tour and Bardet had what looked like a little ferret on the back of his neck? Well, Javier Moreno has opted for a jellyfish.

Vuelta icepack

While Tony Martin, as usual, goes above and beyond …

Vuelta ice bathLittle Baby Blackbird tells Matt Stephens (no nickname – yet) that, yeah, he’s doing okay.

Vuelta form 1And this was Purito‘s reaction to that news.

Vuelta 1Today’s TT threw up some surprises – but not this one.

Vuelta TT 3Nairo Quintana – my pick for the Vuelta win – had a terrible day on the bike with an almighty crash. Never like to see a guy go out of contention for the podium like this.

Vuelta TT 2 Vuelta TT 5 Vuelta TT

Okay. Tell me this. Why oh why do they stuff those cotton plugs up their nose when they’re warming up/down for a TT? And how can I make it stop?

Vuelta TT 4

You must be crackers!

Mick and the boys on the Pharmer bus. It’s like he never left that airport lounge, isn’t it?

Bus 1

Chris Froome‘s caption made me laugh. Years ago, I read a memoir by an ex-lover of Freddie Mercury (there’s a point to this story, just stay with me). Anyway, in the book, he said something to the effect that the wildest party Freddie ever threw was … a hat party. Not a naked hat party – or a hat full of cocaine party – but just ‘wear a silly hat’ party. Oh how we laughed at the crazy hats people arrived in – Brian May in a Stetson!!! – before we made s’mores outside near the campfire. That’s just so wacky!

ANYWAY, you’re wondering what this has to do with cycling, Chris Froome and/or Sky, aren’t you? Well, it’s the ‘we’re so kooky, look! we stick out our tongues!’ aspect of it that made me think of that story.

Bus 2

But sure as shootin’, THESE guys are really up to something. And they’re wearing silly hats!

bus 3

I’m beginning to think that the bus section of this column now makes no sense at all. But I’ve done the calculations and I must push on …

Tour of Britain is coming up and it features one of my favourite aspects.

G Kittel 2

Uh, no, not that one – but my, doesn’t he look ArgoSunGod-like? No, no my favourite aspect of the ToB is this: c’est fromage!

Cheese 2 Cheese 1a

All unwanted cheese gratefully received at Casa Fondue!

You remind me of someone …

Three look-alikes this week. First up, Dave Brailsford’s younger brother. Am I right?

lookalike 3

Dominik Nerz looking like that Lord of the Rings guy – Elijah Wood.

Lookalike 1


I am SOOO right about that, aren’t I!?!

But scariest of all – Dan Martin seems to have aged about 30 years in this race. Who does he look like?

Lookalike 2

I rest my case.


The Gruppetto

My favourite little Movistarlet, Andrey Amador kickin’ back on the rest day.

G Amador

Tell me something. Why is Theo Bos watching speedskating in his full kit, including helmet. Why? (Maybe he’s off to a party later …)

G Bos iceThis picture makes me nervous.

G dog bike

The Sacred Haunches™ bathed in celestial light.

G Fabs 1Any Grand Tour is a good Grand Tour when Adam Hansen is riding it.

G Hansen 2 G HansenKittel‘s hair is looking mighty fine these days.

G Kittel 1

Eddy‘s been poorly this past week. Here’s a picture from when he was king.

G MerckxThat Boy Phinney – as if I didn’t love him enough, I see this bit of film.

G Taylor film

And speaking of Taylor, here’s the latest look at his legs.

G Taylor legsThe thought of that peanut butter meeting that beard … >cue skin crawling<

G ten dam 1

The Last Word

Last word 1



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