Tweets of the week: Farewell Jens, Taylor’s scars and missile men

It’s another short Tweets – VeloVoices Towers has practically been deserted over the past week due to annual holidays so the tweets are a bit thin on the ground. But we do have That Boy Phinney, Jens and lots of cyclists on an aircraft carrier!

Fire and Ice

Between the Vuelta’s scorching heat and the ice bucket challenge, riders have been running hot and cold these days. Chris Froome, Pete Kennaugh and Tim Kerrison doused themselves in ice water last weekend.

Is it just me or does Pete Kennaugh looking both innocent and intense at the same time?

Ice 3 Ice 4

Whereas Fabs, I think, would pay someone to throw an ice bucket over him.

Ice 2

Ted King, on the other hand, had to contend with lightning. Very very frightening …

Ice 5

And Dan Lloyd states the obvious.

Ice 1

Big missiles

The Vuelta’s stage three began on an aircraft carrier. Cue theme to Top Gun. (I still think it’s jumping the shark.)

Aircraft 1 Aircraft 2 Aircraft 3 Aircraft 4 Aircraft 5 Aircraft 6

Taylor Recovery Report!

That Boy Phinney has been out and about at the USA Pro Challenge. It’s great to see him back in the peloton, even if it’s just for a short spin. And those really are some amazing scars.

Taylor 3 Taylor 2

I think we should all sport a Frankenstein temporary tattoo on our shin until he starts racing again.

Taylor 4 Taylor 1 Taylor 5

Farewell Jens

Of course, you would be hard pressed to miss the news that, yes, this weekend, Jens really did retire. Here are just a few little tweets out of the millions over the past week.

Jens young Jens 1 Jens 1a Jens conclave Jens fabs Jens tequila

You can’t accuse the USA Pro Challenge of not having a sense of humour! They give out Viking helmets to the winners.

Jens Viking 1

Only fitting that they gave Jens one of his own. Although how he got that through security at an airport is anyone’s guess. Us lesser mortals can’t take a bottle of water but Jens can take a horned hat on board? His legend fills the airspace, apparently.

Jens Viking 2 Jens flamme rouge

The Gruppetto

You’d think that BMC could splash out on a mini-van for the riders’ bags, wouldn’t you?

Riding with suitcases

A Spanish evening looking even better with the #SacredHaunches. This was obviously before he lost that 4.5kg. I wish I could lose that kind of weight that quickly. #SuddenSveltness

G Fabs

A tiger with a camera on his head running alongside a ridiculously begoggled rider. Only in pro cycling! (Although that tiger really is light on his feet!)

G Tigers

Although Adam Hansen and Les Vaches are not talking about the same thing, I think these tweets definitely go together.

G Lego G heroics

Little Baby Blackbird soaring in the Spanish sunshine.

G Contador

I so so so hope Neal Rogers is prophesying the future. I would love to see John Degenkolb in the rainbow jersey one day. Class act.

G Degenkolb rainbow

The Last Word

Last word 3

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