Tweets of the Week: Oldies but goodies

The fishing hasn’t been too good this week in the Twitterstream. I blame the seals. So I’ve just collected some lovely pictures that you might not have noticed on your timeline. So let’s go.

Sam Bennett has quite a lot of stitching to do.

Bennett jersey

I’ve never seen Tom Boonen be anything but lovely to his fans and here’s more proof. He’s a good egg, is Tom.

Boonen 1

I am unsure about that beard. Very unsure. But he’s looking lean and ready for another title at the World Championship at the end of September.

Boonen 2

Sylvain Chavanel has been posting up a lot of pictures this week. And always in that lovely IAM kit.

Chava 1

Well except when he’s dressed like the Milk Tray man.

Chava 2 Chava 3

My #CostaCrush grows and grows when I see tweets like this. Just a good-natured guy on dog-eat-dog social channel.

Costa 1 Costa 2

#SacredHaunches Instagram!

Fabs 1

12 mini branches for Fabs.

Fabs chocolate

“I’m too sexy for my shirt”

G Basso 1

This shoes are that weird iridescent so they change colour as they move. Kinda cool!

G Blythe shoes

Oleg’s been at it again. Sometimes he’s funny, sometimes he’s offensive. Guess which one he was this week …

G Oleg PR

Taylor Recovery Report! Is he using new – inferior! – hair product? His do doesn’t look as uplifted as usual!

G Taylor 1

Thor during the Arctic Race to the Pole (might not be the correct name). I wonder if there are seals in that harbour … he might want to get some practice in.

Hushovd 1

Poor Thor. He thought he had the stage win on the last day of the Arctic Race – a fighting end to a great career – but was beaten by fellow Norwegian Alexander Kristoff. You can see how much that hurt.

Hushovd 2

And here are those seals.

Hushovd seals 1 Hushovd seals 2 Hushovd seals 3

Of course, we all know that Jens is retiring at the end of this week. So here are some gratuitous pictures of him.

Jens 4 Jens legs 1 Jens legs 2 Jens legs 3

With the look on ArgoSunGod Marcel Kittel’s face, I’m betting no one has the guts to suggest he go feed some seals in an ice cave.

Kittel Arctic 1

Methinks he’s won the Upstanding Do contest this week, although That Boy Phinney might not have realised there was a contest.

Kittel arctic 2

Aww, Nico and his nan!

Nico selfie

OPQS boys keeping the caps fires burning.

OPQS selfie

Personally, I would be more upset about that purple crushed velvet bedding.

Rowe bed

The lovely Zdenek Stybar with his keg of plenty. Knowing that he broke three of those beautiful teeth in a crash a few days later makes me sad.

Stybar keg

Obligatory Welsh jokes from Geraint Thomas‘s hoteliers.

Thomas sheep 1 Thomas sheep 2

Schooooooool’s out for EVER!


And the last word.

Last word

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