Tweets of the Week: Blythe, bluster and Biggles

Ah, the dog days of August – everyone seems to be on holiday or riding in the rain. Those who have been swimming in the Twitterstream over the past two weeks include Adam Blythe, Geraint Thomas, Jens and a lot of gruppetto boys. Let’s jump in.

Four seasons in one day

Sunday’s Ride London was a wash-out success. The sportive riders rode pretty much in the rain the whole time, while the pro peloton went from sun to rain to downpour to sun in a matter of minutes, over and over again.

Ride rain 1 Ride 2

It was great to see PhilGil back in action. (He came fourth!) Ride 1a Ride 1

But it was PhilGil’s ex-teammate, Adam Blythe, who came through in the end – muddied but victorious. Sky’s Ben Swift was second so it was a Yorkshire one-two on the podium. It was rounded out by Frenchman Julian Alaphilippe of OPQS.

Ride win 2 Ride win 1 Ride podium 4

Podium – okay. I don’t mean to be churlish, but really, doesn’t this podium look a bit unceremonious? Just stuck out in the middle of the road. Okay, the road *is* The Mall with Buckingham Palace waaaaaaaay down there, but still.

Ride podium 3

And tell me if I’m wrong, but Adam’s outfit on the podium – he looks like Biggles or a biplane daredevil from days of yore. Quite fetching. Ride podium 2 Ride podium 3a

In the Commonwealth

I’ve always loved Geraint Thomas – I think he really is a huge talent, so it was great to see him win gold in the men’s road race during the Commonwealth Games. And guess what! It rained. Let’s hope this win propels G into a leadership role in the Classics next season for Sky. He deserves it.

Geraint Games 2 Geraint Games 1 Geraint Games 3

The cookies are almost gone

Jens is about to hang up his wheels. But not before he takes another spin around the American West, where he is so incredibly popular.

Jens 1 Jens 2 Jens cookiesThe Gruppetto

So not only is there shirtless ironing by Zdenek Stybar, but he almost had to do some naked riding.

G Stybar 1 G Stybar 2

Maybe Fabs was piloting the plane and just wanted to give Z a scare? #KingClass

G Cancellara 2Bikes of all descriptions …

G Vanmarcke farthing G Peewee G Quintana farthing

And animals with bikes.

G cows road G cows sheep roadG sheepA plotting Russian oligarch.

G Oleg shirtless G Oleg dream Rogers G Oleg SaganSleeping riders. Um, don’t look too closely at that picture of George Bennett.

G sleep Arredondo 1 G sleep Bennett 1The podium practicing semophore, without the flags. Or doing an uncoordinated rendition of YMCA.

G YMCA podiumThat Boy Phinney as a gawky (yet freakishly tall) teenager.

G Taylor Phinney youngster

And That Boy Phinney as a still freakishly tall but decidedly un-gawky young man. Here with Lucas Euser who, if you remember, stayed with Taylor when he had his horrific accident earlier this year.

G Taylor Phinney 2A healthy shot of maple syrup and you’ll be right as rain.

G Maple syrup

Mick Jagger getting ready for his next tour – later this month, Spain! G Uran leatherDressed up dog alert!!!! Where on earth did #CostaCrush get such a teeny tiny little jersey for his dog? G Rainbow puppyRemember when I said that Adam Blythe looked like a biplane pilot? Rasmus Quaade is his co-pilot.

G Quaade 2

G Quaade 1

While Ryder Hesjedal just looks old-fashioned in his plaid shorts and knee sock combo. Obviously about to play a few rounds in Boca Raton while his bike is getting seen to.

G Hesjedal shortsAnd Fabs just looks fab.

G Cancellara 1And Nairo Quintana – my pick for the winner of the Vuelta this year – looking cheerful!

G Quintana 2

The Last Word

Last word thunder


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