Tour Tweets: Triumph, tears and Taylor

It’s the drama, the passion, the heartbreak, the moments of humour and kindness that makes cycling so wonderful and this Tour has it in spades. This week’s Tour Tweets is all about the emotions of the race. Oh and hair.


Rafal Majka won the queen stage this weekend. If you remember, he wasn’t even supposed to be on the Tour team until he got a last minute call-up. He wasn’t happy about it. But I bet he is now.

St 14 Majka 3

St 14 Majka 7 St 14 Majka unzipped

St 14 Majka 6


Alexander Kristoff didn’t do too badly last week either!

St 12  Kristoff

Triumph comes in many forms and That Boy Phinney has had some triumphs of his own in his recovery this past week. It’s the Taylor Recovery Report.


From wheelies to champagne to a pastry station, there’s a lot of celebrating going on in this Tour.

St 14 Majka champers

St 14 pastry station

Even though the Velvet Samurai hasn’t won any stages yet (much to his chagrin), he’s still able to pop a celebratory wheelie on the top of climbs.

St 14 wheelie


Pain – emotional, physical – is part of racing. It’s either shown in a grimace or in a dead-eye stare at the end of a stage.

St 13 Talansky

St 14 Bardet

St 14 Voeckler

Fuglsang 2

St 15 Bauer sits

St 15 Jered 1 St 15 Bauer 1 St 15 rain 1

G sitting 1 G sitting pain G sitting 5 G sitting 4 G sitting 3 G sitting 2


Love him or loathe him, Oleg Tinkov certainly speaks his mind. As does Marcel Kittel and Greg Henderson.

St 14 Tinkov Mouse

St 14 Tinkov crying


St 15 Henderson NZ

St 15 Kittel 1

G Voeckler Cantona


I love this picture from my #CostaCrush.

St 14 Costa Rolland

St 14 Majka 5

No idea how this picture came about. Bennati thinks: “Hey Rafa, I’m so happy for you, I’m going to pick you up!” Majka has the expression of ‘Blimey, he’s about to drop me” on his face.

St 14 Majka Bennati

It was a regular lovefest between Greg Lemond and Laurens Ten Dam the other day on Eurosport. The highlight of post-race programming.

St 14 Ten Dam

Is it just me, or does Adam Hansen look like a young Dennis Quaid from Breaking Away days? Just me? Really?

G Hansen 3

St 15 Bauer 4


St 14 fans

Not a mankini in sight.

G spectators from old

G fans 2


It’s all about the do.

Rest Sagan hair 1

Fuglsang 1

Rest Kittel 1

G Koen Champs Elysees

G Sagan hair 2

G Taylor hair

G podium wigs

 Taylor has something in common with The Rock. Well, the mossy version of The Rock.

G Taylor rock 1 G Taylor rock 2

 The Gruppetto

A great picture.

G Konig

Those bicycle pumps come in handy.

G Brice Feillu baby

Looks like Vino‘s going to go out for a round of golf after his press duties.

G Vino fashion

The Grubers‘ work is always a treat during a grand tour.

G Le tour high above

I see Chris Froome has been listening to Lionel Richie again. (Dancing on the Ceiling? Remember that?)

G Froome gravity

Another Gruber special.

G last drop

“I am the puppetmaster. I move the peloton with my mind!”

G I am the puppetmaster

Spare a thought for the cyclists who rode the Etape this year – the Tourmalet in a torrent.

G Etape 2 G Etape 1

The trash of the peloton – except I think Mr Mitchelson has missed off a ‘w’ in this tweet.

G gel rappers

But you can see his point with this picture.

G Waste zone

The Last Word

Last word






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