Tweets of the Week: CostaCrush, SuperSmile and dreamy Mr Phinney

Well, the boys have finished the Tour de Suisse, Route du Sud, and Ster ZLM Toer (among others) and are now resting and recovering in anticipation of the Tour de France. It’s feeling a bit light on the tweet front but I’ve still found some goodies for you – we have #CostaCrush, The Taylor Recovery Report and the biggest smile in the world comin’ up!

Rui tastes the rainbow

Remember that ‘rainbow curse’ malarkey from the past few years? About the World Champion not being able to win in the year of his reign? Well, Rui Costa has just shown that that’s absolute bollocks. He took his third consecutive Tour de Suisse on Sunday with a fantabulous stage win. #CostaCrush!

TdS Costa salute TdS Costa win 3 TdS Costa win 1 TdS Costa win 2 TdS Costa win tweet

It’s a Costa cuckoo clock. I don’t know how he’s going to get that bike back into that house though.  TdS Costa cuckoo

But with a winner, there must be a loser and this time around it was Panzerwagen Tony Martin. Many were disappointed so I’ve included a picture of him – just for them.

TdS Martin recovery TdS Martin loss 1 TdS Martin loss 2

And speaking of time triallists, the Sacred Haunches™ was in the hot seat for quite some time during Friday’s time trial. I’m including a picture of him – just for me.

TdS Fabs hotseat

His TT was not without incident, however. He seemed to have angered a bee. I’ve included a picture of it – just for me. TdS Fabs beeThe Velvet Samurai hasn’t been in this column very much of late. He’s been awfully quiet, even though he won the points jersey in the TdS (confusingly decorated with square dots so it looks like a better version of the pox KOM jersey in the TdF). Methinks he’s lulling green jersey competitors into a false sense of security …

TdS Sagan 1 TdS Sagan 2But the revelation of the Tour de Suisse has to be the smile of GreenEdge&Hammer Johan Esteban Chaves. Everyone fell for that! So I’m including pictures of him – just for everyone.

TdS smile 5 TdS Smile 2 TdS Smile 3He got his body weight in Gruyere for winning the stage, but he didn’t get the Saint Bernards, which he took quite a shine to.

TdS Smile 4

The Gruppetto

It’s the Taylor Recovery Report! His legs are now two different sizes and he’s lost 5kg (all in his ass, he says). But he’s working hard, keeping the faith, being his wonderful sparkly self. We love you, Taylor! Keep up the good work!

G Phinney recovery report 2G Phinney recover report 1

Somehow, I missed this particular instagram three weeks ago. How?! HOW did I miss this picture! Other than the massive bruise, I’ve never seen That Boy look so dreamy …

G Phinney sexy bruise

“So tell me, Nico. Are you going for the cat burgler look a la Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief, or the superhero look with the heatshield sunglasses, reminiscent of Cyclops in X-Men?” “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

G Roche cat burgler

One of the nicest national champion’s jersey, methinks, as worn by Tsgabu Grmay of MTN-Qhubeka.

G Ethiopia national jerseyI scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

G roux ice creamG ice cream break

Looks to me like one of Davide Villella‘s teammates is being beamed up to the mother ship. What in the world is going on back there?

G Cannondale bus green lightA mini-Blingette!!!!!

G tiny blingIt was three years ago at the Tour de Suisse that Mauricio Soler had his terrible accident. He’s still on the long road to recovery but he’s certainly not forgotten. Here’s hoping he continues to get stronger every day.

G Uran and SolerAt this angle, and with that haircut, doesn’t Moreno Moser look like Alan Cumming? Just me? Really?

G Moser hairtumblr_m6wax3iu7b1qanm80o1_1280

I’ve finally figured it out. Jonathan Vaughters is in fact channelling Bertie Wooster.

G Vaughters WoosterI particularly like the little rider who is drinking some coffee on the bike.

G iron peloton peoplGreat picture! Says it all, doesn’t it?

G Yorkshire capPippo – clothed for the second week running!

G Pippo selfieMarcel Kittel showing off his tan lines during the World Cup.

G Greipel Kittel GermanyPhilGil downs a brewski on his way to the overall win at Ster ZLM Toer.

G Gilbert beer

Hmmm, maybe Nibbles can’t hold his drink …

G Nibali on floorIt’s only a matter of time before Oleg signs himself to his team. “Bjarne fought brave, too.” Bit of a backhanded compliment there.

G Oleg VerbierAll this talk of thigh gaps when really it’s all about cricket!

G Froominee Cricket

Mats was on fire last week. We heart Mats.

G Swing Danish

The Last Word

Last word 2

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