Tweets of the Week: Wiggins’ bombshell, Fabs’ road rash and The Taylor Report

He wants to ride! He doesn’t want to ride! He’s gutted! He doesn’t give a monkey’s! He wants to be a super-domestique! He can’t be a super-domestique! Oh, the words swirling around Bradley Wiggins this weekend – and those are all just his! (Okay, slight exaggeration.) There’s really only one cycling story on Twitter this week so let’s just get right to it.

Warning: there were so many tweets and cross-conversations, there might be some disjointed bits in this column, but it couldn’t be helped. I tried to keep the threads together but there were sooooo many! 

“I won’t be riding the Tour”

Bradley Wiggins went on BBC Breakfast on Friday, ostensibly to talk about … who knows?, and dropped that bombshell. He’s not been selected. He’s gutted. It’s not fair.

Wig control 1Wig 1Wigs PR coup

“Say it ain’t so”

The response was swift and furious.

Sky 6McMahon 1

OGE Wig 1

Wig 4

I love Michele Acquarone but I think the possible (non)selection of Wiggins is not a serious problem for cycling, but a team problem.

Sky 5

Or is it just a lack of communication?

Sky 4

LeMond 2 LeMond 1 LeMond 4

But some people think differently

Robert Millar wrote in his Cyclingnews blog that not including Wiggins in the Tour team was a mark of disrespect. (Personally, I think his first sentence about D-Day commemorations being a good day to bury bad news of the cycling persuasion was a mark of disrespect to thousands of better men who personified the word sacrifice, but hey, that’s just me.) Cillian Kelly questioned Millar’s sweeping statement about tosh.

Robert Millar 1Yet some think he’s too talented to leave at home, no matter how disruptive he may be.

support 1

Moody arsehole 1

A sane microcosm

Shane Murray 1

Shane Wig 1

Shane Murray 8

Shane Murray 4

Shane Murray 2 Shane Murray 7

Shane Murray 9

But I thought he didn’t want to ride the Tour again …?

Wig no Tour 1

Wig no Tour 2 Wig no Tour 2a Wig no tour 5 Wig no tour 6

Then there’s that book

Froome book Froome book 3 Froome book 6

“It makes perfect sense”

Wig Conde 1

Of course, there’s always the Russian …

Wig Tinkov Tinkoff 1

Oh, this one might not be about Wiggins.

G Tinkov sex

And a few stragglers

Sky 3 Sky 2 Sky 1

TdF 1

Wig 8

I wonder what that film would disclose if we saw it …

Pic Knight

I find Wiggins being compared to Gwyneth Paltrow really rather amusing. But that’s really rather silly – she’s not as skinny as he is!

Wig paltrow

That team selection we heard so much about?

Uncle Fester picks the team and don’t you forget it! Oh, and he hasn’t made that selection yet. So everyone could have their knickers in a twist for nothing!

Brailsford 1 Brailsford 2

Brailsford 4 Brailsford 5

Brailsford team 5Ho hum, I’m bored with this whole thing now. As far as I’m concerned, I think Brailsford should call Wiggins’ bluff, pick him for the team and make him live up to his promise of being the perfect support for Froome. But let’s go see what’s happening in …

The Gruppetto

“Do you beeeeeleeeeeeeeeve there’s life after love …”

G Cher the roadGolly.

G Kittel callipo

Always a good day when you see two huskies on a bike.

G husky bikeGolly, part 2.

Fabs probably doesn’t know this, but I’ve had significant first aid training from St John’s Ambulance. I could wrap those wounds in a very professional manner.

G Fabs rash G Fabs rash 2Golly, part 3

I could also wield one of those big soapy mitts to wipe off his face. In a very professional manner, natch!

G Fabs sweatyThe Taylor report! You have to love this guy’s attitude. He’s just not going to let this injury get the better of him.

G Phinney sock G Phinney leg 1For some reason, Mick Jagger is wandering lonely as a cloud. There must be an airport around here somewhere.

G Uran bus G Uran dinnerIs it me or are those Ag2r riders getting a little big-headed? (I’m here ALL week!)

G Ag2r headThis is just downright magnificent.

G Japan

Pinarello throws?

G hit the wallListen kid, when you’re older, drunk and in a tutu, don’t be doing this. Got it?

G Arredondo

The Last Word

Last word

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  1. atlaz says:

    On the subject of icecream I saw Nacer Bouhanni and Steve Chainel enjoy a post- (or possibly mid-) ride sundae each only yesterday. In all fairness it was in the high 30s but they cleaned their bowls with impressive speed.

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