Giro tweets of the week: Jagger in pink, boys in pants, and crocs a go-go

Another bumper week for Tweets. We have rogue massages, haircuts uncovered, Jagger in pink, Jensie on the lake, and much, much more. But first we get off to a sombre note.

From triumph to tears

This weekend was the US national championships. Saturday, That Boy Phinney stormed the TT to take the title.

Phinney 6 Phinney 9 Phinney 2

Phinney skinsuit Phinney 3Unfortunately, we might not see Taylor in his stars-and-stripes skinsuit as Monday he had a terrible accident in the road race that resulted in a compound fracture of his lower left leg and an injury to his left knee. From all reports, it’s lucky it wasn’t worse. There are a few pictures out there of the accident but I don’t think it’s appropriate to put those in. But I am putting in this photograph because it shows Lucas Euser letting his own chances of victory go in order to stay with Taylor. Eric Marcotte of SmartStop went on to win the road race. 

Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 09.43.35We know that it’ll take a lot of convalescence, but we hope that Taylor heals completely and comes back to the peloton with strength and sparkle.

Jagger in the top spot

Last week’s time trial saw Mick Jagger take the maglia rosa. Which calls for a little pink portfolio of pictures.

Pink Uran 11

Pink Uran 1Rigo’s getting very good at handling the adulation of the crowd.

Pink Uran 3 Pink Uran 4 Pink Uran 6 Pink Uran 9 Pink Uran 7And he’s getting really good at finding the back stairs to slip in and out of hotels without having to brave the press. Yep, moves like Jagger.

Pink Uran 10

Pink Uran 12I really wonder what he’s saying to Julian Arredondo. “Look, get yourself a good backing band and the world’s your oyster, dude!”

Pink Uran ArredondoChoppered in … and met by Dave Brailsford by the looks of it!

Pink Uran helicopterCrocodile rock

How can you not love a guy who dresses up in a giant crocodile suit and stands by the side of the road to cheer on Cadel Evans? He’s strangely majestic!

Croc Cadel 4 Croc Panda exchange Croc cadel 3 Croc Quinziato Croc on the roadGruber greatness

For me, the Grubers take pictures that tell the most wondrous tales.

Giro Gruber Hansen Giro Gruber 9 Giro Gruber 8 Giro Gruber 7 Giro Gruber 5 Giro Gruber 3 Giro Gruber 2 Giro Gruber 1Practice makes perfect

Winning a stage in a grand tour takes a bit of luck – you need to be in the right place at the right time etc etc. But knowing where that right place is isn’t luck – it’s hard work and preparation. Fabio Aru reconned Montecampione in winter.

Aru reconnaissance 1And this was his reward.

Aru 6 Aru 5 Aru 2This is just a magnificent picture by Ashley Gruber. The other side of a stage win.

Aru photographers AshleyGiro gallery

We start with some snake soup for Tinkoff-Saxo.

Giro snake soupEverything looks better with a dash of pink.

Giro pretty Giro pretty 2 Giro pink Hermes Giro pelotonIt does seem that there’s a lack of roadside attractions this Giro – other than all the animals in Ireland dyed pink. Oh and there was some sort of chessboard with people in medieval costumes the other day. But other than that, nothing like last year.

Giro roadside 1 Giro roadside 2Well, one thing that was a roadside surprise was the giant hail that fell.

Giro hail Giro hail 2Arriba Colombia!

Giro colombian coloursKing Kelly is really loosening up during the commentary this Giro. He’s very dry, like a good martini.

Giro Kelly 2 Giro Kelly 1Oil ’em up and rub ’em down … Seems Mick Jagger is taking on some haunch work as well!

Giro Cannondale massage

G Uran massage

Picture number two of Manuel Quinziato. I’d put in half a dozen if I could.

Giro Cadel Quinziato

More than any other sport, it seems that cyclists have their children with them at every opportunity. Lots of little kiddies on the podium – we even have some signing in for dad!

Giro baby signinA lovely Arredondo smile.

Giro Arredondo smileWho says being a professional athlete is all champagne and podium prizes? My favourite Movistarlet Andrey Amador is training in a parking garage.

Giro Amador garageThey are a funny bunch, aren’t they?

Giro rest day ride 3The breakaway ride of Giant Albert Timmer was a thing of joy. That humungous guy riding his heart out on a climb. (Would have been even better if he had been in the snowy white kit of an Argonaut … I just can’t let that go…)

Giro Timmer Giro Timmer 2WARNING! The next picture is an unsavoury combination of bad pants and some clippers … You have been warned!

Giro rest day haircutGone fishin’

The Jensie was in Canada last week for a little Trek schmoozing and a little angling.

Jens fishing 1 Jens fishing 2 Jens fishing 3 Jens fishing 4 Jens fishing 5 Jens fishing 6 Jens fishing 7This section has been cancelled

This was the point where I was going to go into the Yin & Yang of Froome & Wiggins, the whole Froome autobiographical brouhaha, but you know what? I can’t bloody well be bothered. Let’s see what you got on the road, boys.

The Gruppetto


G my bike is my fighter jet“Okay, so milk, eggs, Nutella, baby oil and snake soup.”

G Where am II cry when they cry. Pantano is crying because he lost. Aru cried because he won. I cried both times.

Crying PantanoWhat’s not to love about Adam Hansen?

G Adam HansenTattoo you.

G Welsh tattooWhere exactly is the Velvet Samurai these days? Dr Doolittle’s estate?

G Sagan zebraThis is just downright beautiful.

G artcrank bike

The bike cams during a race are fabulous! If you haven’t seen these, check this out. And this.

G back of bike 2

G back of bike 1Panache, have you seen this?

G Giant nutellaGreat to see Andre Greipel back on the road and in the race!

G Greipel 2 G Greipel winArgoGods Kittel and Degenkolb just goin’ for a little ride.

G Kittel DegenkolbJust a typical breakfast. Nothing special.

G Mollema brekkieYou gotta hand it to them, the OPQS boys do their duties to their sponsors with smiles and aplomb.

G OPQS adLooks like he’s about to start crooning a Sinatra tune. ‘You make me egg foo yoooooong!’

G Picardie lionShe looks happy!

G fanclubI love this clock – it looks like some sort of Jules Verne contraption that takes you back and forth through time. Personally, I would go back to the French Revolution or maybe VE Day in London. I bet you really needed to know that.

G TdF countdown clockThe Last Word

This has to go to Lucas Euser who, as we saw on Monday, knows what’s important.

Last Word human

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