Super duper retro jerseys!

Oooooh, these are gorgeous! Any day’s a good day when there are new retro jerseys from Prendas Ciclismo to be had! And here are two we especially love!

This La Casera/Bahamontes jersey harkens back to 1970 and has some beautiful touches, including a zip that doesn’t cut through the team name. £49.95.

La Casera/Bahamontes retro jersey Prendas Ciclismo

La Casera Bahamontes retro jersey, £49.95, Prendas Ciclismo

This Felice Gimondi Paris-Roubaix celebration jersey is a real beauty, again with some lovely touches, including Gimondi’s signature printed on the inside of the collar. £55.00

Felice Gimondi Paris Roubaix Prendas Ciclismo

Felice Gimondi Paris Roubaix jersey, £55.00, Prendis Ciclismo

To order, visit the Prendas Ciclismo website.


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