Tweets of the Week: Roubaix!!!

Was Sunday just about the most emotionally draining race ever? No? Just me? Oh, okay then. But you have to admit it was a hell of a race for all kinds of reasons – but mainly because it was Paris-Roubaix. Let’s see what Twitter had to say about it, shall we?

Before Roubaix

It wouldn’t be Tweets without a selfie with That Boy Phinney and Manuel Quinziato.PR before Phinney Manuel Actually, I don’t think this was the bike that the Velvet Samurai rode on Sunday, but I sure do love it.

PR before Sagan bike

PR before Dutch treats

I would have no problem at all using a shower with Fabs’ name on it. No problem. None.

PR before showers

Fabs at the presentation, looking relaxed and happy.

PR before Fabs relaxed Tom Boonen at the presentation looking elfin with those ears! (Now that I’ve noticed his elf ears, I just can’t not look at them!). He looks mighty lean, doesn’t he?

PR before Boonen

And this is how Tom set up his bike on the day. Yellow means ‘get the hell out of my way!’

PR before Boonen list

Roubaix faces from last year – what was in store for them this year?

PR before Kings men

The lovely Juan Antonio Flecha, Eurosport’s new cub reporter!

PR Flecha Fabs And here is Eurosport’s new cycling ambassador. You know, you could read that two ways and both would be true. Greg Lemond could be an ambassador who cycles and an ambassador of cycling. Isn’t language fun?

PR Flecha LemondMy, but Flecha‘s surfing regime is really agreeing with him.

PR Flecha commentary 1PR Flecha 1Anticipation

And to think – some guys didn’t even wear gloves (more on that later).

PR before taping handsCan you imagine having your last race be Roubaix? What a way to retire!

PR before Sky numberTom with his race face on – and his elf ears tucked in.

PR before Boonen gameface PR before Keisse PR before Sagan pave SuperSagan wasn’t the only one who had been waiting for this since the beginning of the season. Cue smouldering picture of Cancellara.

PR Start Fabs

Racing Roubaix

These are in no real order.

PR during number paves PR during pic 1 PR during race pic 2PR during Fabs 1 PR during Europcar bike PR during Fabs 3

PR during Gruber Arenberg

PR during Fabs crash 1 PR during Fabs crash 2 PR during Fabs cologne PR during Fabs pic 4

PR during pic 3

PR during Fabs mad

Um, Colin. Give it up. It’s never going to work.

PR during Boonen no gloves

Boonen goes off on his own, is joined later on by a few riders, including Geraint Thomas, and continually berated them to work with him. Only G did.

PR during Boonen pic

PR during Boonen pissed 1
PR during Boonen office PR during Boonen sail

PR during Sagan attack PR during BMC crashPR during Phinney puncture

The worthy winner, Niki Terpstra.

PR during Terpstra

The podium

The infield fly rule is this: with less than two outs, runners on ffirst and second base (or bases loaded), batter pops up the pitch in the infield. Umpire calls the infield fly rule, batter is out whether the ball is caught or not, all runners on bases are safe on their bases. So now Fabs can get fast again …

PR podium Niki Fabs PR podium Degenkolb happy PR podium Degenkolb 2PR podium Degenkolb 2 PR podium pic 4

PR podium anticipating

PR podium front

The 2014 Paris-Roubaix champion. A great ride.

PR podium Terpstra stone PR podium Niki 2

Roubaix afterthoughts

PR after Sep PR after Sep 2PR after Matt PR after 2 PR After Giants PR After Sagan PR after Sky ground PR after cobbles cross PR after Sky shaking hands PR after Millar signingPR after Kristoff injuryPR after thoughtsPR after Fabs response 1 PR after Fabs response 2PR After Fabs 1 PR after 3PR after Terpstra tweet

PR after 1

The glasses. They have to stop.  Even Fabs can’t make them look good.

PR after Fabs scooter

Roubaix faces

I love these pictures.

PR after face Ted King PR after Boonen face PR face 4 PR after face 5 PR after face 6 PR after face 1 PR after face 2 PR after face 3 PR after face 3b PR after face 4 PR after Phinney face PR after face 6 PR after face 5 PR after face 5

PR after Sky

The best ninth place ever

People who didn’t know about the race or aliens who just landed would be forgiven for thinking that, reading Twitter, Bradley Wiggins won the race. He didn’t. He came ninth.

PR after Wiggins ride wet PR after Wiggins ride glowing

PR after Wiggins ride 1

PR after Wiggins ride 2 PR after Wiggins ride 3 PR after Wiggins ride 4 PR after Wiggins ride 5 PR after Wiggins ride bucketPR after Wiggins olympics The Gruppetto

“Mom, geez, cut it out. My friends are watching!”

G Phinney mom

The Argonauts clean up well, don’t they?

G Giants in suits

Can you imagine the number of nasal strips on David Millar when he’s riding in the dust?

G Gruber dust

Oh these glasses. Please make them stop.

G hideous glasses again

I love that bracelet!

G Pippo bracelet

“I am the engine.”

G I am the engine

The hat. Priceless!

G Contador in hat

There’s really nothing not to admire about John Degenkolb.

G Degenkolb fan

Just can’t get enough of the dust from Jered Gruber.

PR during Gruber

The last word

PR last word

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