OS Ride app

Even Ordnance Survey has got Tour Fever! For anyone who fancies riding the same stage routes as the peloton this summer, check out the new OS Ride app (it’s free!).

OS Ride app screenshot

Not only does the app have detailed routes from this year’s three stages, but it also has details from the UK stages from 2007, 1994 and 1974 and five bonus routes, specially selected by Chris Boardman, which includes rides in Wales and Scotland. Super duper! Available for download on iTunes

Ladies Favourite Bernie Eisel

When asked what animal he would like to be, Bernie Eisel answered ‘My cat. She has the best life you can imagine!’

I happen to know that there are a whole lotta ladies out there who would kill to be Bernie’s cat. I’ll leave that there …


The face a million women love (Image: Team Sky)

Here is Team Sky’s 20 Questions to the Ladies Favourite