Tweets of the week: Bernie, beach boys and more bromance

I’m starting to think that in the Veloshire, Groundhog Day comes around in mid-February, not Feb 2nd like in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Why? Well, because last week we had some bromances, we had some naked riders (okay, just Pippo) and boys posing on a beach in the Middle East. This week we have some bromances, some naked riders (okay, just Purito) and boys posing on the beach. Oh, and the Ladies’ Favourite.

Calling the Hubba Hubba Club to order

Why the 17th of February is not a worldwide holiday, I’ll never know. For it is the birthday of one Bernhard Eisel, the Ladies’ Favourite™. This gives me an excuse to put up some lovely pictures of the best facial hair in the peloton.

Bernie birthday 1 Bernie birthday 3 Bernie shirtless

Isn’t it bromantic?

This tweet by Jerome Pineau – is that Sylvain Chavanel? Although half the time when I look at this picture, I think the guy on the left is actually a ventriloquist’s doll. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea.

Pineau in bed with ????

Gregory Rast gets a little help from his teammates. Holding hands as the plane takes off. But carrying on from the ventriloquist’s doll theme from above, is it just me or does Greg’s body look really tiny and his head look really large? Just me? Really?

Rast holding hands

And here’s your Naked Rider of the Week – Joaquim Rodriguez.

Rodriguez massage

Deja vu

Last week, we had Mick Jagger in an airport – or at least with a bunch of luggage looking exhausted. This week, we have Mick Jagger in an airport with some luggage but looking relaxed as only someone in an executive lounge can look.

Uran airport again Uran airport again 2

And last week we had Fabs, Phinney, Tony Martin, ArgoGod-Giant Kittel, et al, posing all big and bad on the beach before the Dubai Tour. Here is Tinkoff-Saxo’s version of the beach shot. They are wearing significantly less clothes than the guys last week. I am unsure about those red bun-huggers. Very unsure.

Saxo Oman beach

I think Thibaut Pinot and Kenny Elissonde (#KennyKrush!!!!!!) may have missed the point of going to the beach. Not unlike that film of the Schleck brothers going fishing in full cycling kit. (Here is the link to that.)

Pinot and Kenny Krush

If there’s nakedness – partial or total – Pippo must be around here somewhere. And here he is! If he can’t strip off, he’ll roll up sleeves and bibs. The man’s flesh is allergic to clothes, obviously.

Pippo sleeveless Pippo sleeveless 1

The Gruppetto

Garmin-Sharp have taken WWF as their charity partner this year. Now, the panda has its own Twitter account.

Panda 1 Panda 2

The Velvet Samurai as a pup

Peter Sagan as a boy Looks like BMC are finally getting it together – That Boy Phinney winning Dubai, Steve Cummings winning Tour of Med. Will it be Cadel winning the Giro? Tejay winning the Tour? Stranger things have happened.

BMC Phinney Cummings trioBMC Thor Cummings

Oliver Zaugg gives us the view from the hospital bed. He doesn’t look too pleased, does he?

Zaugg operation

Too much sugar makes me crazy. Well, it makes me aggressive. More aggressive than usual. And it gives me migraines. But I would risk it all for a proper FlufferNutter – looks like I just need to go to Girona Cycle Centre and ask for Ted.

Ted King fluff

So, in between eating FlufferNutters in Girona, ArgoGiant Koen de Kort has written a book with his mum! Only in Dutch so far. Hope it comes out in English. We think Koen is ace.

Koen de Kort book

UK Cycling Expert makes me laugh out loud every single day. This tweet has kept me laughing all week.

Qatar Onions and shallots

Errol Flynn’s son, John Degenkolb, isn’t letting teammate Marcel Kittel do all the winning. He won three sprint stages last week.

Degenkolb rammingCycling really is glamorous, isn’t it? Jerome Pineau‘s ‘pile em high’ nasal strip application (as perfected by David Millar) and a couple of plugs in the nostrils really sets off that great IAM cat kit a treat, don’t you think?

IAM cat nose

“Don’t worry, Mom! We’ll be good. We’ll just ride our bikes around – we won’t get into trouble, promise!” [fingers crossed behind their backs] These two look like mischief …

Cav in caravan

“That’s it! We’re leaving him behind for the time trial – just driving off without him! That’ll teach Bertie to disregard team orders.”

Bruyneel Contador attack

Thought this was appropriate, what with the Giro hitting the streets of Dublin in May.

Dublin cycling Rest assured, my friends, in the Veloshire, there are no crocodile zoos. BTW, did you know crocodiles can climb trees? Think about that for a second. They. Can. Climb.

Crocodile ride

Isn’t it funny that this is the first thing a person reads in the Highway Code, yet there are still slack-jawed morons on the road who completely disregard it, threatening cyclists’ lives and limbs with two tons of metal and a nasty attitude? No. It’s not funny.

Highway code

But this is funny. I actually snorted really loud on the train home the other day when I saw it. Yeah, it has nothing to do with cycling – something to do with some sort of snowboarding skating lugeing Olympic thing but it’s Kirbyesque in its absurdity! (Psssst – hey Panache. An actual cat in human skin – they’re everywhere and they’re coming for YOU!)

Velocast an actual cat

The Last Word

Last word 1

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