Tweets: Looking forward to a new year

Yes, yes, Tweets of the Week has been a bit hit or miss over the holiday period, but hopefully I’ll get my act together and Tweets will be back on track as a weekly Tuesday treat. In the meantime, here are some tweets from the last few weeks to get you into the mood for the season start in Australia.

Pharmers in the dell

Well, not in the dell as much as in a hotel in Spain. The Quickstep boys were in Calpe for their team presentation and they shared some pictures with us. Isn’t that sweet? First up, Tom and his magnificent Boonens in … beachwear?

OPQS Boonen on beach

OPQS by the pool

Personally, I could have done without the picture in the lower right hand corner of Cav in a pretzel position. Thank God it was taken from the side. (See where this column is going? It may get worse! #StayAlert!)

OPQS collage 1 OPQS collage 2

OPQS hair gel in SpainOh, and speaking of Cav, seems other members of the flying public aren’t enamoured with his special treatment by British Airways. Apparently, Mark was wearing a tracksuit.

Cav BA flight

And of course there’s a new Pharmer in town, Mick Jagger. He’s looking pretty good in his new kit. He’s probably just thrilled that he doesn’t have to don Sky’s mesh skinsuit!

Uran new kit Uran suncream

California dreamin’

Cannondale decided to make their team presentation in California – apt in that Peter Sagan pretty much rules North American races these days. Looks like SuperSagan is ready for another great year!

Sagan aloft Sagan Basso video Sagan collage

So Sagan is going to take the challenge to Cancellara and Boonen in the spring Classics, but it seems he’s making another kind of challenge as well. He’s challenging That Boy Phinney in the cultivation of gravity-defying hair!

Sagan hair like Phinney

Lovely picture of The Elegant Mr Basso looking mesmerised by that fluffy bouffant of Sagan’s!

Basso with bike

Wild in the country

Speaking of That Boy Phinney, BMC’s team presentation/training camp threw up some interesting pictures. A few columns ago, we saw Fabs using TRX equipment to stretch and get that core strong, now we see the BMC boys doing some, uh, stretching. One of my favourite things about this tweet? Seeing Inner Ring use the word ‘twerk’.

BMC twerkingAfter they had their twerk training, looks like the boys were dropped off in the middle of nowhere to start some sort of pioneer settlement. If you look very closely, you can see Pa driving the Ingalls clan into Walnut Grove to pick up supplies from Olson’s Mercantile. See the wagon in the background?

BMC middle of nowhere

You can see that That Boy Phinney is taking Sagan’s hair challenge seriously. He is coiffing with intent in this cover story for Velonews.

Phinney coverPhinney cover 1

Phinney cover 2

You know, looks like Neal Rogers has a bit of a mancrush on Phinney. To be honest, I suspect everyone has a mancrush on Taylor Phinney, so no shame there.

Earning their stripes

The importance of the spring classics to Trek Factory team was reiterated in the launch at Roubaix, with a fan day and team presentation. And, oh me oh my, how happy am I that Fabs is back? (Hint: very.) The pinstripes got a bit of a mixed reception from the Twitterati, though.

Treak Fabs like a lot Trek Fabs do you like

Trek 1 Trek pinstreipes 2 Trek pinstripes 1

That said, looks like the fans had a great day with the riders!

Trek Fabs with someone Trek Tom Jens selfie

The lovely Danielle – who often supplies us with great pics of the peloton – got to work immediately. (As a big Cancellara fan, of course she needs some Swiss red in there!)

Trek dog hat

Don’t look behind you!

Garmin announced their new charity partner just after New Year. It would be the WWF, whose mascot is a Panda. Dan Martin is never going to get away from his spirit animal now.

Garmin panda sponsorshipGarmin panda pic 2 Garmin panda pics 1 Garmin panda pic 3 Garmin panda pic 4 Garmin panda pic 5 Garmin panda pics 6

Give me a spare sock and some yarn

Not sure how this conversation got started but it did. Ah yes, a flight attendant was trying to chat up Panache!

Sock puppets preamble Sock puppet 1

Sock puppet VeloVoicesSock puppets 3

This is Argogod Marcel Kittel …

Sock puppet Kittel

And the Velvet Samurai.

Sock puppet Sagan

Sock puppets Chad The Gruppetto

Oh heavens, another cyclist will delusions of rockstarness. At least Moser doesn’t have daft sideburns.

Moser with guitar

There’s the perfect tool for every job.

Nutella spoon

Purito as superhero.

Katusha superheros

Gasparotto as an irritated doll.

Katusha superheroes Gasparotto

Jens’ daily routine.

Jens be amazing

I was quite charmed by this little message from the world champion.

Costa greeting

When I first read this, I thought Panache was talking about Sky going back to the team car for some cheeky energy gels after the cut-off time, but I think he was talking about illegal television feed.

TDU illegal feed

But if there is another pesky energy gel dilemma, Richie Porte knows where to keep emergency supplies.

TDU Porte emergency gels

Ag2r haven’t changed their kit that much – but JournalVelo sees the logic behind the design. (I think these guys could use some coiffure advice from Phinney or Sagan!)

AG2R kit

And this is one of my favourites of the last few weeks – what a sweet little lucky charm!

AStana baby ornamentThe last word

Last word tailor

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