12 days of Christmas: Day 7 – Zigzagging

Day seven of our 12 days of visual treats from the Grubers! Today, it’s an Escheresque view of the peloton during the Tour of Beijing.

(Click on the picture to see it full screen.)

Criss-crossing riders, Tour of Beijing

D4A_7989 c GRUBER IMAGES Beijing Great Wall

Jered: The Tour of Beijing gets a bad rap by many (in some ways, rightfully so), but there’s one thing it doesn’t get wrong – the race does not suffer from a lack of gorgeous scenery. The race is set to the north of the horribly polluted city in beautiful mountains on perfect roads. Most of the climbs are easy – usually in the 4-6% range. One small part of a climb somehow missed the precision grading of the area though. In this forgotten valley, the road twists over itself over and over in quick succession, gaining altitude like feet on stairs. It’s a beautiful piece of road, and one that I wished I had the chance to ride. In the end, it wasn’t the big scenic that made me happy in this spot, my favourite part was shooting riders going in different directions. I don’t know why, but I like how it looks.

Follow Jered and Ashley on Twitter; see their work on flickr and the Gruber Images website and watch out for them at races next year!

Image ©Gruber Images

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