Tweets: Haunches, Hansen & #IAmSophisticated

Just a few goodies for you all in the run-up to Christmas. And I gave myself a Christmas present by perving unfettered over the Sacred Haunches™ in this column, so beware! We also have Lotto’s training camp, Phinney HairWatch™ and Tony Martin™ as traffic cop.

Goodbye, Roubaix™ Tuesday

Oh, Specialized. You really shot yourself in the foot with your heavy-handed Cease & Desist letters. To refresh, there is a little bike shop in Calgary, Canada that is called Cafe Roubaix. It was reported a week or so ago that the owner would need to change the name due to a threatened lawsuit by Specialized for trademark infringement on the name ‘Roubaix’. The Twittersphere took on the fight and blitzed Specialized into submission. A meeting was conducted, apologies proffered and Cafe Roubaix rides on.

Roubaix pivWhat might have been most damaging to Specialized were the statements they made about the people who they are trying to sell bikes costing thousands of pounds. Unsophisticated, apparently – I wonder if that is brand-speak for ‘slack-jawed yokels who are ripe for the fleecing’. I think I’m going to start a new hashtag: #IAmSophisticated™. (I wonder if Specialized has trademarked the words ‘I am’.)

Roubaix 1 Roubaix 2 Roubaix 3 Roubaix 4The TRX of my tears

Why am I crying over these pictures of Fabs getting a workout on the TRX system? Because I wasn’t there in person.

Fabs TRX 1a Fabs TRX 1

Unsure who this yokel is, trying to steal Fabs’ limelight but he needs to get out of the picture!

Fabs TRX 2Fabs TRX 3

Even cats want to be near Fabs, as he shoots beams of light from his hands …

Fabs TRX with cats

Not only have we seen x-rays of Fabs’ shattered collarbone last year (I still get tearful thinking about it) but now we have the view of the walls of his heart. If you look closely, children, you can see the name ‘Kitty Fondue’ burned across it. See?! You have to look really closely but it’s there! My name is there!

Fabs EKG

My Christmas holidays will consist of practising my contortionist skills so I can hide myself in one of these bike bags … Ho ho ho! I’m joking, Mr Justice, I would *never* show such contempt for the parameters of my restraining order.

Fabs bikesEnough of crazy Cancellara perving.

A Hansen man

It’s team training camps. It’s Adam Hansen. It’s brilliant.

Hansen 1 Hansen 2 Hansen 3 Hansen 4 Hansen 5a Hansen 5 hansen 6 Hansen 7The Gruppetto


Horner solo

Phinney HairWatch™ – looking good. (He seriously has the most beautiful teeth…)

Taylor smile

There’s only one hashtag for this. #WTF?

Martin cop

The last word


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