12 days of Christmas: Day 2 – Iceland

Day two of our 12 days of visual treats from the Grubers! Today, it’s a wall of blue with a lone rider – the joy and peace of a solitary bike ride.

(Click on the picture to see it full screen.)

Lone rider, Iceland


Jered: Ashley took this picture of me in Iceland. It makes me happy whenever I see it. If I had a wall where I could hang prints, I would print this. Come to think of it, I would print each of the six images I chose for this series. I love them all.

Bicycling Magazine will be doing a feature article on Iceland in 2014 which will contain many more images from the Grubers.

Follow Jered and Ashley on Twitter; see their work on flickr and the Gruber Images website and watch out for them at races next year!

Image ©Gruber Images

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