Tweets: Mimes, Milk Tray and Mighty Morphin Hairdos!

It seems that, well, there’s been a mime festival on this past two weeks. That and some drone action, Fabs making like the Milk Tray Man and That Boy Phinney and His Phabulous Hair!

Mime games

There seems to have been a lot of pictures of our boys in strange and wonderful costumes. I have selected a few choice specimens …

The new Trek team have been in the woods of late, running around like the Milk Tray Man … or a bunch of wayward mimes.

Trek black ops 1

Of course, this is definitely my favourite picture of this bunch. Fabs! I’m here! Come take me away! “All because the lady loves haunches” …

Trek black ops 2

So the Trek team might have been all milk-trayed up, but the French – they like to do things a bit different. So Nacer Bouhanni decides to disguise himself as a member of ZZ Top. (They seem to have been featuring a lot in Tweets of late – funny, I can’t stand ZZ Top.)

Nacer ZZ top beard

Manuel Quinziato, on the other hand, is looking like a hybrid of trucker and Ian McShane’s son from Deadwood. But you know what – he still looks great!

Quinziato pic 1

See what I mean about Deadwood?


Back to the black ops training, here’s Adam Hansen doing … something. Looks like riding three grand tours in a row would be easier.

Hansen black ops

Meanwhile, back at The Deadwood Gym …

Quinziato pic 2

Panache as PowerRanger. “Come on guys, let’s hit it! Power Rangers, Power UP!”

Panache fig newton

See what I mean? He’s a mighty morphin!


Even Nico Roche is in on the wayward mime black ops action!

Nico fig newton

Droning on and on and on and on

So Oleg Tinkov has bought Riis Cycling – it will now be called Tinkoff Sport with Riis as the team manager. Yeah. That’s going to work out well, isn’t it? (I would not want to be Alberto Contador for the next two years!) There was also another announcement – about the drone participation in the sport.

Tinkoff drones 1 Tinkoff drones 2

And the drones will be used as a force for good.

Drone feedzone 1 Drone feedzone 2

Hair-raising cat-astrophe

That Boy Phinney’s bouffant has taken on a life of its own in the off-season. No mime would have hair like that.

Phinney artwork 1 Phinney artwork 2

Phinney artwork 3

The Gruppetto

Dope testing old skool.

anti doping old school

The things a guy has to do during Tour de France Grand Depart announcements.

Hinault bike

British Cycling has said if Cav wants to ride track in the 2016 Olympics, he has to take a year out of the road season. OPQS owner Lefevere has taken umbrage. Personally, I think BC is just trying to throw spanners in the works of Cav’s career. But that’s just me. Oh and these people.

Cav Lefevre

More hair!!!

Phinney pic 1

Tom and his Magnificent Boonens were finally back on the bike and riding through the sandpits for charity. Here’s hoping Tom is fighting fit for the 2014 classics season.

Boonen sand 1

I just like this picture.

bat burritos

Last Word

Last word 1

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