Tweets of the Week: Manly men doing man things

You know, it’s difficult in the off-season to get some good stories going on as the boys are on holiday. They hardly tweet. So there’s not really any coherent strands to this week’s column, but there are some fun things! So here they are, in no particular order.

Jens Jens Jens, Jens is all you need

It has been said that 2014 is his last season. Get those pics and autographs while you can.

Jens young fan1 Jens more kidsJens young fan2Bit of a question as to why people want autographs. Of course, Dim couldn’t see the point of those really groovy retro team cups from one of our Christmas guides, so he’s not a collector, that’s for sure. But this strand has a picture of Jens on the loo (nothing crappy, I promise) so it goes in!

Autographs 1 Autographs 2


These two tweets are priceless. Just priceless.

Ice T jerseyWillie NelsonMick in Frisco

Lordy, if Rigoberto Uran doesn’t look like a young Mick Jagger in these pictures then, well, I need my eyesight checked.

Uran airport Uran bridge Uran speakers Uran trolleyAlthough, to be honest, Mick Jagger would not be caught dead in a parking garage in a yellow teeshirt, socks and hotel slippers. Well, I don’t think he would.

Uran slippersFabs and an Eiseldish

Accidento Bizarro looks into the future for The Sacred Haunches’ hour record.

Fabs hour record mayhem

And Panache and I inadvertently spoke of Bernie Eisel and Mark Cavendish as if they got married this summer – to each other. #BROMANCE


A manly man who does man things

Oh, how we love That Boy Phinney – wearing his heart on his Twitter stream. His hair, might I had, has gone bananas in the off-season! It’s uncontrollable, it’s taken on a life of its own, it could wrestle Marcel Kittel‘s hair to the mat and pin it before Kittel’s hair was even in position. It is awesomeness incarnate.

Taylor Yellowbelly Taylor Movember Taylor hair heavenOh! And here’s Marcel Kittel’s hair now! Hmmm, he’s going to really have to work at it to get the lift that Taylor’s has.

Kittel and MartinBack to Taylor … the #BachelorLife is perhaps not all it’s cracked up to be.

Taylor Manly 1 Taylor Manly 2 Taylor Manly 3

The last word

Last word Shakespeare 2

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